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89 Reviews
Historical Site
_GG***42I cannot stress this enough, this place is beyond magical and it is larger than life itself. Once there was a very large community living here and this whole city have a lot of invention that until today remains relevant. Nothing much is written about the Nabatean civilisation here and you can hire a guide when you buy a ticket but i don’t think it is worth doing so because nothing they share is worth while ( not to mention if you can hardly understand their English, ) better to hire a proper guide from the city or make prior arrangement with a true history lover.
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Historical Site
Churches and Cathedrals
NekairEnter Petra at 2 o'clock, walk to the monastery and then return, it was completely dark when I left the gate. The monastery may not be that far, but it is all mountain roads, so tired, walking through the Royal Mile? I forgot whether it was called this name, anyway, it was the street in front of the royal tomb, and then I started climbing. It’s really enjoyable up and down. I regretted it 100 times along the way. I wanted to return and felt unwilling. When it finally arrived, Bedouins came up to congratulate us and said "you made it" to me. I sold the donkey to me a few hours ago, but I refused. Fortunately, we are here, so let's be a sigh of relief for ourselves!
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Ancient Trail
Historical Site
欲飞的鸟[Snake Road] is a winding passage in the ancient city of Petra, so it is called "snake road". The starting point is at the mountain gate of the ancient city, and the ending point is at the Nizni Temple, which is nearly two kilometers long. The snake path is formed by cracks in the valley nearly a hundred meters high. The wide part is like a small square; the narrowest part can only be squeezed by a carriage; walking in it, the scenery changes endlessly, which makes people sigh the wonders of nature and envy Petra People’s good fortune can actually find such a natural shelter. On both sides of the snake path, there are fortifications, water supply channels, carved statues and altars, which make people stop and watch from time to time...
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Historical Site
半江秋荻I went ten years ago, the ticket was really not cheap, at that time 40JD equivalent to 400 RMB, 4.5 in the afternoon sitting in a Bedouin carriage, through a long, winding road into the valley, a slant of the sun to Petra's "Rose Valley" nickname reflected incisively. Many Hollywood blockbusters use it as a location, like the palace as a base for Transformers. Many stones are carved by natural magic, like the classic red sandstone, with tropical fish on one side and elephants on the other. Buy a two-day pass and camp here at night. Staying at the ruins of years, watching the stars in the breeze, is likely to give you a lot of inspiration. It's a trip to Petra.
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Historical Site
19 Reviews
Historical Site
狮子国女王The Petra Altar... was built on a high wave. It was a place of worship in ancient times. Now it is basically eroded. Not to mention that no one will look at it. Below it, the caves are the royal tombs. Only the glorious history remains. These ruins are down.

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Al Khazneh (The Treasury)Petra,Jordan

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High Place of SacrificePetra,Jordan

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