Machu Picchu
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Historical Site
chinadesk1As soon as you arrive in Cusco, you will visit the Temple of the Sun (QORIKANCHA). The entrance fee is 15 pesos (1 peso = 2RMB). This is a must-see attraction for a group tour. There are a lot of tourists in the Sun Temple. The tour guide is waving a small flag, but it is very quiet. Tourists use headphones to listen to the explanation. In the Inca era, Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire and was considered the center of the world. This temple of the sun is supreme. In the agricultural era, people pray that the sun god will never disappear. At the Machu Picchu site, there are also stone carvings intended to tie the sun. So far, every year on the winter solstice in South America in June, a grand ceremony to worship the sun god is held. The Temple of the Sun in Cusco is now a ruin, with only part of the outer wall in ruins. The stone wall we saw was made of large, smooth and flat boulders that were irregular but like building blocks. The concave and convex surfaces of the stone occluded tightly without any gaps, showing the design, wisdom and superb skills of craftsmen in the Inca era. According to historical records, the temple of the sun built in the Inca era, the megalithic building, and the outer gold foil wrapped, in addition to enshrining the sun god, there are also moon, stars, rainbow and thunder god, called the golden temple or golden garden. The Spanish colonists invaded, the gold leaf was plundered, and the sun temple was transformed into a monastery. Now you can see some replicas of the old furnishings in the Temple of the Sun, many of which are religious paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. The garden outside the Sun Temple building is full of mystery, which makes people fascinate and admire the Inca culture.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
谁说我不是善男信女Machu Picchu, known as the "Lost City" of the Inca Empire, is 120 kilometers from the then capital of Cusco, on a steep and narrow ridge between the most inaccessible peaks of the Andes and the peaks of youth, at 2,400 meters above sea level. Machu Picchu was founded around 1440 by Inca ruler Pachacutti and was inhabited by the Spanish Conquest of Peru in 1532. It was only discovered by American historians in 1911 that it attracted world attention.
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Historical Site
东张西望望东西The main temple is an important part of the entire Machu Picchu. The scale here is huge. The main body of the entire temple is still clearly visible. The main temple is also very important for the discovery of the entire Inca civilization
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Rock Monument
东张西望望东西The sacred stone is the only place to enter Machu Picchu. The sacred stone may be endowed with more religious abilities in the local area, so it is more special. Of course, it is a big stone for us, but it respects the local beliefs and beliefs. Culture is absolutely essential
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新概念Waiting for the release at the wayanpicchu entrance, 200 people are placed at 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock, respectively, and you must buy tickets in advance. The entrance needs to check the passport and ticket, and you need to sign the personal information and entry time. You also have to sign when you come out and write the time. The exit place has a commemorative stamp that can be covered in the passport. This mountain is really tired to climb, and there is no toilet in machupicchu. It is very depressing. However, the scenery above is still very beautiful, and friends say you can match Huashan.

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The Principal TempleMachu Picchu,Peru

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The Temple of the SunMachu Picchu,Peru

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The Sacred RockMachu Picchu,Peru

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