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KANE-ZXJiaodong Peninsula is famous for its large scenic spots, which are crowded with people, but it is better to go to some niche. Although the Chashan scenic spot in Pingdu was also later remodeled, there are mountains and water, suitable for casual leisure!
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lingliziEveryone knows that the grapes of Dazeshan in Pingdu City are famous 🍇, but they do not know that the cherry 🍒 Sangzi is also very sweet and delicious 😋 Invited by friends, we drive up the mountain, come to a mountain that the parents of friends contracted, all over the mountain is cherry tree 🍒 and mulberry trees. Under each tree, there is a thick layer of ripe fruit 🍒, friends said, the young people at home have gone out to work, the old man is not picking in time, he has limited food, and there is no sales channel, which is to let friends and family bring their children to experience practice on weekends, anyway, now do not expect this to make money. It's so delicious, eat it, pick it. Everyone is full of a few boxes, the car can't be put down. There is no such delicious food in the city as natural ripe 😄
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万锦刘基Free park mind-bright, edify sentiment and fitness good place, this is the time to gather the people of quanpingdu force to remove the original garbage mountain, re-govern as a synonym for green water green mountain, become one of pingdu new eight scenes.
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lingliziAs a Pingdu, the first visit to the Pingdu Museum. The "Pingdu County Museum" on the cross-section is written by Liu Haisu, a master artist. The inside gate is the famous Han and Tang mother and son ginkgo tree. The Pingdu Museum is a comprehensive museum, although not too big, but the collection of more than 120,000 pieces, and many of the national level of cultural relics. Open free, closed on Monday.
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雨停晴空Qingdao digs the place, many citizens are driving here to visit the family and children, belong to the back sea of Qingdao, come here to play is still very good, there is a farm banquet can eat, the price is also cheaper than the city!
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fish505The Wenwang Mountain Scenic Area in Pingdu, Qingdao is located in the west of Pingdu. It covers a large area and is also a relatively large scenic area in the local area. It has beautiful scenery and a good atmosphere. Tourists here are also in the mood to play Very comfortable!

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Xianhe ParkQingdao,China

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Chashan Scenic AreaQingdao,China

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About Pingdu

Pingdu City is located in the western part of the Jiaodong Peninsula, in the economic region around the Bohai Bay that has seen so much of China’s powerful economic growth, and in the midst of the Shandong Peninsula manufacturing belt. It serves as a hub linking the three major cities Qingdao, Weifang, and Yantai, and has a reputation as Qingdao's lovely “backyard.” Famous sites include Daze Mountain, Thousand Buddha Pagoda, Laolong Bay (“Old Dragon Bay”), the Taohuajian (“Peach Blossom Spring”) Scenic Area, and Shengshuichi (圣水池 - “Sacred Pool”).

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24 Sep, 2021 Pingdu Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 52%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:49/17:55
Pingdu Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low