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Things To Do in Reergai

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丸子麻Although May Day is not the season of flowers, but the sun is golden yellow with blue sky and water, the snow goats snail in the distance, a variety of birds flying around, let people feel relaxed. Tickets include sightseeing cars, and it takes 5 minutes to get on the bus in the scenic spot. Come down along the path, the ring shaped, and walk for about an hour or two throughout the journey. It is the most beautiful to walk to the place with Haizi. There are many seats along the way, and the sitting area even has music. There is one or two toilets and one in the bus area. Reminder, the wind is super strong, the sun is shining, it is best to wear sunglasses, hats and windshield clothing.
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碉堡的九哥Jiuqu Yellow River 1st curve: The Yellow River twists and turns in Tangke Township, Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province, and merges with the Baihe River, forming the first grand turn of the Jiuqu Yellow River. The wetland scenic spot is suitable for shooting 📷 reflections. Location: Tickets for the Intersection of Tangke Township and Baihe in Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province: 💰 and the elevator to the top ticket total 105/person, the summit is still quite high! Personally, the ticket is still worth the sunset. 19:20-20:10 whole process 🌅 and Yuyao 🌄 will go down the mountain, because the downhill path will go for a long time, and the sun will be cool as soon as it disappears 💨 can go to the Rogergaitanke accommodation 🏠 at night, and go to other attractions the next day. 🌈[!][!][!] Note: 1⃣ The temperature difference in the plateau is very large ☁, you must bring thick clothes, preferably down jacket or cotton jacket, shoes choose to walk. 2⃣ Take pictures and wear recommendations, make straw hat sunglasses, match bright colored dress 👗, white or red are the bright presence in the grassland. 3⃣ At an altitude of more than 3000 meters, remember to prepare the drug to prevent the altitude reaction. Don't exercise vigorously 🏃 4⃣ Do a good sunscreen ☀ Sunscreen for two hours, even if it is cloudy, UV rays are very strong 5⃣ Road condition is very good, all are oil roads, But animals on both sides of the grassland may hatch, or meet herdsmen with cattle and horses 🐴 across the street, you need to drive carefully ❗❗ to let the animals go first. Northwest Sichuan and West Sichuan are good places for summer tourism and graduation trips! ! The scenery is pleasant and the weather is comfortable 🍀# Sichuan Surrounding Tour # Sichuan West Travel # Yellow River Jiuqu First Bay
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爱喝茶的辰琪哥The origin of Bailongjiang River is absolutely stunning ride, it is recommended! The origin of Langmu Temple is the Grand Canyon of Langmu Temple in Sichuan, in the canyon there are Langmu Cave, Tiger Cave, and the source of Bailongjiang. Tour to Langmu Temple Langmu Temple Grand Canyon is a must, otherwise you can not see the true Langmu Temple. "The Tiger's Cave Fairy" is one of the famous landscapes of Langmusi town. It is said that there is a cave at the source of Bailongjiang River in Sichuan Province. There is a vicious tiger in the cave. The Master Lotus Peanut came to tame the tiger and teach the Buddha. The tiger thus becomes a kind fairy, and blesses the local people.
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chocosaThe 300-year-old Daza Temple is located in the northeastern part of Zorge County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, not far from the Noorge Hotel. Inside and outside the temple, I feel the long history of Daza Temple, but also sighing that the temple architecture is still intact after the wind and frost, thick but not stagnate, solemn but lively. The red, white, yellow wall has a healing effect under the blue sky and white clouds, so quietly stayed as if all the worries had been removed, a relaxed body.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Gaviota798The water was spectacular. The park was a great experience. Recommend walking along the outside paths as there are hardly any people otherwise it’s packed and hard to walk. (July 2021.)
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碉堡的九哥#Zhayana Scenic Area 📍 Location: Yiwa Town, Diebu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 💯 Recommended Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🕒 Open Time: Open Full-day 🎫 Tickets: 80🌟 Featured highlights: Where is Dad going to shoot the location, the "Limit Challenge" shooting location in the clouds and fog, the paradise of the hiker, the birthplace of Adam and Eve, Feel the labor and life of the local Tibetan people and the simplicity of the original Tibetan village here. 🚌 Traffic Raiders: ⃣️ Lanzhou South Bus Station to Diebu County 08:40, 9:40, 10:20 every day. There are buses, the whole journey is about 8 hours, about 30 kilometers from Teibu County to Zhayana, and about 100 yuan per car. 2⃣️: Self-driving tour of Zhayana scenic spot road conditions compared to test technology. 3⃣️: It is recommended to charter a car to go, there are Gannan five-day tour route, three-day tour route, seven-day tour route, save your mind and effort. 📝TIPS: The local people are simple, go to Zhayana Tourism Suggested to live in Zhayana Village, the peak season needs to book in advance, the hotel in the scenic area can choose. 🚗Gannan 5-day tour ring road route recommendation: Day1⃣:️ Lab Temple of Lanzhou Xiahe (240KM) Xiangsangke Grassland Qiganjia Secret Area Qidong Swiss Langmu Temple (184KM). Day2⃣:️Langmu Temple-China's second largest grassland Ruoergai Grassland-Jiuqu Yellow River sunset (141KM)Day3⃣️:Tangke Yuhua Lake Yuzhayana (200KM)Day4⃣️:Zhayana Yuehaiyu Cooperation Nine-storey Foge (251KM)Day5⃣️: Cooperation Yulanzhou (218KM)#Gannan Tourism Raider |#Zhayana Scenic Area Tourism Raider |# Zhayana