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Things To Do in Rongshui

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和气牛Shuanglonggou is a scenic spot known as the "first suspension glass bridge" in Guangxi. It is the first place for tourists to visit the original forest and take the glass bridge 👏. It is a tourist resort characterized by the original deep mountain forest 🏞 adventure above the mountain 🏔 of Miaozhai. The scenery is mainly based on nature, and can feel the beauty of the forest from three dimensions of the ground, forest and air.
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Geological Sites
眼中的美The scenic area is beautiful, with a long history, the scenery in the cave is beautiful. It mainly tours historical relics, cliff stone, Zhenxian Cave, Yinxian Cave, high-altitude suspension bridge, cliff swing, glass platform, cliff plank, glass slide, Songcheng, jungle crossing, Lingxi Wharf and so on.
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Terraced Field
M43***85Tour by car, it seems that there is no car in the scenic spot. The scenic spot is in a valley, high mountains and water, about an hour and a half on foot can walk the full distance. The price is not high, the scenery can be, the commercialization is very few, the villagers are simple, the parking fee is 10 yuan, the ticket is 45 yuan. Tickets are cheaper.
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翼儿爱自由Yubu Nationality Customs Tourism Resort scenery is picturesque, green mountains, green water, streams, water, green fields and Miao nationality customs, in which there is a very pleasant feeling. In the morning, before the sun climbs up the mountain, there is a thin layer of fog in the distant mountains, beautiful. To Liuzhou, this is a better tourist attraction.
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iJasperThis attraction is amazing, the whole family went there together, everyone played very high, definitely five-star recommendation. Rongshui is one of the six counties in Liuzhou. It is 118 kilometers away from Liuzhou. The transportation is convenient. There are buses and trains available every day. The Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Han and other ethnic groups live in the territory. The colorful Lusheng dance, Mango dance, drum dance, toast dance, horse fighting, horse racing, bird fighting and other customs are rarely known. A must-visit place for ethnic culture.
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沃洛格达福康安Laozi Mountain has nothing to do with Laozi. The top of the mountain overlooks Rongshui County with a unique view. Laozi Mountain is located in the southwestern suburb of Rongshui County, Guangxi. The mountain is majestic and straight, resembling a tiger with its head up and its mouth open. Hukou is Shouxing Rock, next to Hu'er Rock. Longevity Rock is also known as Range Rover Rock. On the cave wall, there are surviving rock carvings of past generations. In Shou Xing Yankou, there is a statue of Shou Xing Weng over 6 meters high. There are also more than 10 caves with different views, such as Luban Rock, Reading Rock, Niubi Rock, and Budi Rock. In 1987, Jingguan Tower, Yuantong Gate, Daxiong Hall, etc. were rebuilt in the county.