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Things To Do in Shangluo

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National Park
杨曙东After visiting the old residence of Sakura Town and Jia Pingao in the afternoon of September 3, I stayed at Danfeng County Danjiang Hotel. In the evening, booked the ticket for the Jinsixia Scenic Area on the next day. One ticket is 95 yuan. At 7 am on September 4, we started the trip to Jinsixia Scenic Area by ourselves in the rain. We met the outbreak prevention and control checkpoint at Jinsixia Expressway and showed the green code of the trip. Arrived at the Ludumen (North Gate) parking lot at 8:20, because there were only two of us, the scenic staff and we negotiated to take the staff's Jiangyan Ruifeng van to the mountain, departing at 9:10, arrive at the entrance of the Liyuanmen (South Gate) scenic spot at 10 o'clock. Scenic staff carried more than a dozen weaving bags to handle parts of the scenic area that were destroyed by the heavy rain last night, so that tourists would not splash through the water. We went down the mountain all the way, every time we went to a rest point, we were told to be safe and careful, the whole down the mountain, a total of three staff accompanied us to a rest point, The last 57-year-old master has been accompanying us out of the Ludumen. The master communicated with us all the way during the half-hour trip. He told us that there are only two of us in the whole scenic spot at 12 noon. We are a noble and luxury tour! At 12:20 at noon, three of us walked out of the gate of the Ludumen Scenic Area. Special thanks to the scenic area 5A level service! Thank you to the people of Shangnan for their simple hospitality and kindness! Thank you for our great motherland and our great people!
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julie2888Bull back beams in the Qinling Mountain, an hour drive from Xi'an, here mountains and mountains, birds and flowers, fresh air, pleasant scenery. Here summer can summer, spring see a hundred flowers, winter see the crystal, autumn colors like fairy tales, wonderful.
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Geological Sites
M12***70Particularly worth visiting, the water cave is very spectacular, the inside is colorful, various stalactites are thousands of appearances, and it is a wonder. The inside is very cool and a good place to escape the heat. Overall satisfaction!
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M27***22Mainly to take the dog out for a trip, go back and forth for 4 hours, it can also be normal to play that day when it rains, it is very good. After coming down 🐶🐶 tired half dead 😃
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于建兵Tianzhu Mountain is located in Shanyang County, Shangluo City. The scenery here is beautiful, not to lose the words "Qinling is the most beautiful in Shangluo, Shangluo is the most beautiful Tianzhu Mountain"! Because Tianzhu Mountain is relatively high, it is recommended to take the cable car to the mountainside first, and then walk to the top of Tianzhu! The scenery along the way is beautiful, and there are constant rest places, you can relax your feet. The green pines and verdant cypresses on the road, the sky is high and the clouds are light, make people feel refreshed and full of praise. There is also a health town under Tianzhu Mountain where you can stay, and there are also cost-effective farmhouses to choose from! I believe I will go again!
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Ancient Settlement
XC_zclAs a thousand-year old town, Dihua Ancient Town is very representative. First of all, as an AAAA scenic spot, exemption of tickets is a bold and heart-warming important measure that can attract tourists. Scenic Spots [Scenery] [Cost-effective] Because of the Song and Jin cession of land compensation, it is very meaningful as a border city, and the humanities are tempered, celebrities are rushing to come, Li Bai, Bai Juyi and others have stayed here many times, leaving a wealth of poems, and, As one of the representative figures of contemporary writers in Shaanxi Province, Jia Pingwa’s hometown had a profound influence on him, and he created masterpieces such as "Qin Ching".

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Niubeiliang National Forest ParkShangluo,China

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Qinling Dongtian Fudi Scenic AreaShangluo,China

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Tayun Mountain Scenic SpotShangluo,China

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Zhashui Zhongnan Mountain Qin and Chu Ancient RoadShangluo,China

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Shangyu Gudao Dihua Culture Tourism AreaShangluo,China

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Shangluo Travel Tips

About Shangluo

Shangluo City is located in southeast Shaanxi Province among the Qinling Mountains and is named for the Shang Mountain and Luo River within its borders. Historically, the Shangluo Road was one of the primary arteries of the third century BCE Qin royal road network. As the “Qin-Chu Throat,” it was a critical passageway between the capital Chang'an (today's Xi'an) and all the lands of the southeast and the Central Plain. Famous historical sites in Shangluo include the Jinsixia (“Gold Thread Gorge” or Jinsi Grand Canyon) National Park in Shangnan, the Niubeiliang “Cow’s Back Ridge” National Forest Park, Zhashui Cave, the Erlang Temple, the Fengyang Pagoda, Dayun Temple, Tianzhu Mountain, and the “Moon Cave.”

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23 Oct, 2021 Shangluo Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:51/17:58
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