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Things To Do in Tarifa

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天生哥Came to Tangier, facing the Mediterranean Sea, like an African town in Europe ~ Feel the charm of the Atlantic Ocean, think about it, cozy! Here is the lighthouse at the far northwest of Cape Spartel. The left side of the lighthouse is the Atlantic Ocean and the right side is the Mediterranean Sea.
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老王1954Tangier is really a beautiful city, the scenery is very charming, especially the beach in the evening, no wonder there are so many people taking pictures! I really like it here. The European-style buildings are built next to the mountains. The pleasant Mediterranean climate. The lighthouse, the beach, and the sun. The view of the beach makes people feel so cozy!
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Aileen Jie ChenTotally exotic, across the river is Morocco. It's beautiful.
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世界那么大AUChefchaouen Medina, a small blue city like a fairy tale world, a bright blue color in the mountain col, the local people painted the house in various blues to prevent mosquitoes, dreaming of not leaving, and going to the church hill in the evening to watch the sunset The blue town in the afterglow is the most beautiful. In the morning, you can walk through the alleys with your camera on your back to collect the scenery, and you can see cute cats everywhere.
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天鹅湖的青蛙It's right on the northwest corner of Africa, the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The opposite is Spain, which is actually from Spain in the eighth century but the eleventh, and across the Pyrenees to France.
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猫咪能有什么坏心思呢Beautiful hole, really like a map, key because of the sun and the waves, everyone can take their own exclusive photos, absolutely unique.