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Things To Do in Windsor

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Modern Architecture
小鱼儿2015The Detroit Renaissance Center is also a very interesting place. This Renaissance Center also has a huge construction area. Here you can experience a lot of Detroit's historical customs. It is a very interesting place.
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National Park
coo***anPoint Pelee National Park is an inverted and pointed triangular peninsula on the north shore of Lake Erie. It covers an area of 15 square kilometers. It is the smallest national park in Canada. But it attracts nearly 400,000 tourists every year. Come here for a visit. The park has two world-renowned wonders: one is the great migration of birds in each spring and autumn; the other is monarch butterflies in groups in autumn.
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Art Museum
love is blueAt the invitation of Rodin artist, the appearance of this museum is really impressive. As a background for wedding photos. The atrium houses Diego Rivera's "Industry of Detroit". Picasso, Van Gogh and many other famous artists filled the vacancies on the wall. Don't miss the exhibition downstairs. There is also a rap/hip-hop photography exhibition featuring Detroit and an impressive genius. If you are a hip-hop fan, you can spend all your time here.
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MarinezhuangA very nice place :) it''s a must for you and your family & friends coming :)
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coo***anBelle Isle Park, called Belle Isle Park in Chinese, is a gem of Detroit. Located on a small island on the Detroit River. Covering an area of about 982 mu, it is a small island park with lush forests and beautiful scenery.
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love is blueThis modern stadium is the home of the Detroit Lions. As far as I know, there is only the Detroit Lions game. This is a good place to cheer for your hometown team. The staff here are always very kind and friendly. Very convenient to the stadium. Note that backpacks or large opaque wallets are not allowed here. Food and drink prices are national average and a bit expensive. But there are some good restaurants here, and some good food. Parking in Detroit is more difficult, so you need to arrive at the stadium a little earlier before the game so you can find a place to park.