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E29***70Stunning monastery. it’s worth it to do the English guided tour with a monk, which is included in the ticket price. Just be aware that you will be asked a lot of philosophical questions such as “what is the truth?” 🤣
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山在穷游The nearest steppe in Gannan is one of the most beautiful More people traveling to Gannan are looking forward to seeing, in addition to the temples and temples, the grasslands of nature. Sanke grasslands are the representatives of many grasslands. We only need to leave Labrang Temple 10 kilometers away, can enter the heart of the Sanke grassland, there is endless grassland, and there are cattle and horses living on the grassland. Especially in late June, early July and even mid-July, the grassland is full of one after another small flowers, you will find the whole grassland is so flexible and beautiful. So I named it the nearest steppe in Gannan, one of the most beautiful.
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E29***70Hired a driver through Nirvana Hotel to take us to the grasslands. We hiked through a spectacular canyon, which was made even better due to the fact it wasn’t typical chinese concrete paths but an actual dirt pathway!
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Historical Site
西溪老翁The ancient city site of Xiahe Bajiao lies on the platform of the intersection of Yangqu River and Yangla River in the east of Ganjiatan, Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, about 50 minutes drive from Xiahe County. It is a key point of the traffic of ancient Ganqing, and it is also a military town in which the central government fought fiercely with the Tuguhun, Tuyu, Xixia and Siam dynasty. The present ancient city of Hachikaku remains basically intact, and was listed as a key cultural relics protection unit in Gansu Province in 1981. The city of the eight corners of the city is named because of its eight corners, the city is a hollow cross. The total length of the city 2193.4 meters, 2.2 kilometers, the city covers 300 mu. There are moats, moats, and outer walls outside the site of the city. There is another outer city outside the South Gate. From the architectural technology, the city system before Tang Dynasty built, the building form breaks through the square pattern, very unique. Although the city is not small, but the distance between the corners of the city within the effective range of bows and knots, can be mutually catering, so easy to defend and difficult to attack. The ancient city has a natural village, dozens of residents. The site of the ancient city is just north of a viewing platform, on which you can overlook the whole of the city, but also can enjoy the magical scenery of the secret of Ganjia.
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City | ​​landmark
M33***53If you are visiting the Xiahe River, don't just see the Lapu Temple, there is also a tower inside the Lapu Temple to see, this is the Pagoda of Gongtang, the whole tower is not a lot of time to visit, but you will feel a lot of Tibetan Buddhism here. History and culture, the main is that the tourist attractions in Gannan are free now, why not come in and have a look?
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马拉喀什苏秦Maybe we went to the outbreak prevention and control, no tickets. But as a female live Buddha Dumu temple, actually don't let the lady into, don't know what logic. Back to the white stone cliff, looking at the distance is very majestic and spectacular. When I went, it was cloudy. The white stone cliff did not feel a little cloudy under the sun as the tour said ☀️ white, but it felt a little dark. It may be the wind and cold, so people were awed.

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About Xiahe

Xiahe County, located in northwest Gannan Prefecture, is named for the Daxia River that flows through it. Xiahe abounds in tourism destinations, headlined by the Labrang Monastery. The county has five major destinations with thirty-six attractions characterized by Tibetan Buddhist influence, unique natural scenery, and a special local folk culture. Some of the most famous of these attractions include the Labrang Monastery, the Sangke Grassland, the White Stone Cliff Cave, the sacred Daerzong Lake, and the natural scenery of the Daxia River forest.

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20 Oct, 2021 Xiahe Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 90%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:20/18:30
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