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Things To Do in Xiahe

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E29***70Stunning monastery. it’s worth it to do the English guided tour with a monk, which is included in the ticket price. Just be aware that you will be asked a lot of philosophical questions such as “what is the truth?” 🤣
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山在穷游The territory of the heart, the beautiful Sanke Grassland ←_← The scenery that everyone wants to see when we come to Gannan is the grassland, and the nearest grassland to Labrang Temple is the Sanke grassland. Many friends will worry that they are free to come here without a car, how to get to the Sanke grassland. In fact, it is very simple, there is a bus at the entrance of Labrang Temple, but the bus will be less, casually take a look, soon will be stopped, because there are too many township bus will pull you to that side, the price is not expensive. If you do get a chance to get here, you'll find it worth a look at the hard traffic as swarms of cattle are on the road, with blue skies and white clouds, endless lawns and invisible wetlands.
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山在穷游The tower in the summer new view of Xiahe purity ~ Touring the Xiahe, everyone is known as the Temple of Labrador, but there is a tower not far from the Temple of Labrador, it is worth to see, I call it as the most pure in the next Xiahe tower. He said he was pure, there were too many reasons The two lions at the door alone will make you feel different. Walking into the temple you will feel he is quiet, not as crowded as some places, around the three circles of the meridian wheel, more you can feel the local faith. 👍 Recommended: Second Floor! Don't feel like you can just walk around the bottom and leave, the best thing I recommend is the 2nd floor of the tower, you can see the beauty of the tower and its glittering feeling up close. More importantly, you will have another view of the beauty of the whole Labrador. 👍 Recommended: Outside the door Yes, the doorway is also my most recommended place. Remember when I arrived, just before sunrise, there were many people in the doorway to worship, even if some sweeping people raised layer after layer of dust, they still adhere to this faith. This kind of scene reminds me of the Jokhang Temple in Tibet.
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SilviaXVery nice attraction. ★On October 1, in order to avoid the crowds of cars, I set off from Xining less than 7 in the morning and drove for 4 hours to reach the entrance of the attraction. At this time, there are not many people who come to play. It will be around 3 in the afternoon. There are more people. We ate lunch at the farmyard next to the entrance (the noodles are delicious), then drove to the foot of the mountain and started walking towards Tianchi. ★For the whole wooden plank road, the thick "Longnan Yang" and the "Dragon Rock" integrated with trees and rocks are the most impressive. Arriving at Tianchi is about 1:30 noon, the light is very good, the scenery of Tianchi has a special charm. Of course, the feeling of the scenery varies from person to person. ★Because of taking pictures along the way and taking care of the physical fitness of the elderly, it took about 3 and a half hours to visit Tianchi. If you choose to go up the mountain on a mule, it should be faster. A very pleasant trip, great!
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水善流Longwu Town, the seat of Huangnan Prefecture Government. The Longwu River passes through the city. Longwu is a ‘Tibetan’. What do you mean, I didn't understand. At the foot of the western mountain in the town, Longwu Temple is built on the hillside, with a patchwork layout and magnificent decoration. Half of the old city is a temple, and I feel that everything serves the temple. In the Amdo Tibetan area, its scale, status, and influence are second only to Labrang Monastery in Gansu and Taer Monastery in Qinghai. Country four.
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Botanical Garden
M29***62Hezuo Forest Park is located in the southern suburbs of Hezuo City, Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province, beside Xuhe Highway. It is 2 kilometers away from Hezuo City, 280 kilometers away from Lanzhou, an important town in the northwest, with an altitude of 2960m and covers an area of more than 8,800 acres. It is located in Labrang Temple-Hezuo Forest Park-Zecha Stone Forest-Gahai Migratory Bird Reserve-Huanglong Temple-Jiuzhaigou This is regarded as the most economical and most appreciated gold tourist route.