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Things To Do in Xingwen

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M29***29The scenery is beautiful and the mountains are picturesque! The Spring Festival takes the family to the surrounding area, choosing the Xingwen scenic spot, just taking the children to walk the karst cave is a bit tired! It is very convenient to take a car to the outside attractions ~
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滇国剑客The scenery in the mountain is beautiful, this is the conclusion that everyone comes to see the scenic spot to draw, so that beauty is a common language, oneself can speak, own characteristics will prove all this.
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Cgw沉嘟嘟[Scenic] We arrived at the scenic spot at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The scenic spot is very big. There is a distance of nearly 40 kilometers from the North Gate to the South Gate. Because of the time, I only played some scenic spots, I feel very good, is a good place to enjoy the bamboo sea, but the fog is too big. According to the staff of the scenic spot, 6 ~ October is the best season every year. We went to the middle of April is the foggy season, but it is still a good trip.
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lyn0919In the past few days, we will visit Chishui Danxia Tourist Area, which is located in the south of Chishui City, Guizhou Province. With the main features of the landform, waterfalls, bamboo sea, moss, and virgin forests, we have formed mountains, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, villages, and other areas. The landscape types of treasure animals and plants are the epitome of "the city of Qianpu, the crown of Danxia, the bamboo town, the kingdom of Tonglu", the best landscape area of mountains, water and forests, and the most typical, beautiful and diverse ecological environment in the world. The landscape is best equipped with the Danxia landscape representative, the world rare. Chishui Danxia tourist area, is the world natural heritage Chishui Danxia core scenic spot, is the national key scenic spots of the acetic scenic spots, or national geological park, national forest park, national nature reserve.
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彪标Sidonggou originally named Fengxi, because of the four-grade waterfalls in the stream, waterfalls and the holes known, later commonly known as four-donggou. Located in Datong River Tunxi Valley, 17 kilometers from Chishui City. The four-class waterfalls and the three-dimensional ecological landscapes such as Danya, bamboo forest, Xiangfan, water flow, Bitan and beach all over the Tunxi Valley are the main, and there are nearby Duxian Bridge, Shiding Shandanxia Landform, provincial cultural relics Zheng's Weifang and Liangcha River scenery, Huaping Waterfall, Dashuigou Waterfall and other attractions. In the spring and summer rainy season, more than 20 different shapes of waterfalls are often seen in the scenic area from the sides of the mountain falling down, quite spectacular. Sidonggou Scenic Area is an important part of Chishui National Key Scenic Area. It is located in Datong Town, Chishui City, Guizhou Province, 15 kilometers away from the city. The scenic area is about four kilometers of the four-dimension valley between the mountain streams, according to the roughly equal distance arranged four-level falls as the main body. The water curtain cave waterfall, like the moon pool waterfall of silver comb, has the legendary frog cliff waterfall and the largest white dragon pool waterfall in the scenic area. A few waterfalls are not big but very characteristic. The water curtain cave of one cave waterfall will let you linger. It is too cozy to listen to a stone chair next to the second cave waterfall. The scenic area is full of mountains and falls. Cross the winding red stone path, walk on the path, feel the charm of the waterfall close, take the bamboo pole, squat on the pool, in the summer here can also play water. In the scenic area not only are all the bamboo, but also the rare plants such as the oysters, to the four-hole ditch must see the Cascade Waterfalls.
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唐月ltVery good, take the conveyor belt mountain, then take the slide to the bottom of the mountain. There is a glass path on the mountain. I prefer the glass slide myself. The tulip went to the Spring Festival has not finished, May should be very good.