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Ancient Villages
139***13Dazhai! It is the red mark in our generation. Dazhai is a common mountain village in Xiyang County, Shanxi Province, but because of the appearance of a person, Dazhai village became a high flag of agriculture in the whole country. The two generation leader of Dazhai Village, Uncle Yonggui has been ancient, Guo Fenglian 70 elder sisters, still do not forget the beginning of the heart, Lao Ting! The Dazhai Village of China's first village is located in the southeast of Xiyang County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, the village has more than 220 families, more than 510 people, 1.88 square kilometers, the altitude is 1162.6 meters. This area belongs to the earth-rock mountainous area of Taihang Mountain, because of the long-term wind erosion water cut, the area formed the morphology of the seven-gou and eight-liang side slope. Here poor mountains and bad water, seven valleys and eight beams side slope, the natural environment is bad, the masses living very hard, after the control of the mountains and water, in the seven valleys and eight beams side slope open layers of terraces, by watering the change of the situation of living by the heaven. Therefore, it was recognized and praised by Chairman Mao Zedong, and in 1964 issued the call of "Agriculture Dazhai", which became a flag of national agriculture. Since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, Dazhai has become a beautiful park mountain village. The terraces are lush with green crops, the pools are shiny with sparkling water, the artificial forests are lush with rich fruits, and the orchards are full of fruit. Dazhai village is well-organized, the streets are clean and clean, and the people are hospitable. The basic conditions of transportation and communication in Dazhai have been greatly improved. It is a mature agricultural tourist area. Dazhai has developed the National Unity Forest, Zhiqinglin, military and civilian pond, Zhou Enlai Lounge, Zhinongchi, Lianjianchi, Chen Yonggui cemetery, old hero cemetery, Guo Moruoshi monument, Sun Qian Memorial, Dazhai Exhibition Hall, Chen Yonggui statue, Tuanjie Valley aqueduct, Dazhai Cultural Square, Dai Zhai Cultural Exhibition Hall, Dai Zhai terraces (wolf's wolves), Dai Zhai Ecological Park, open Chen Yonggui's former residence, willow tree, train leather cave, Dai Zhai new residence, Zhou Enlai address and other tourist attractions, for the Dai Zhai a lot of color.
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s j j s y 20210115Zanshan Zanshui Zanhuang, about 60 kilometers away from the main urban area of Shijiazhuang there is a Zanhuang small reservoir, white lawn reservoir, the reservoir is not big, but in the surrounding mountains against the background of the reservoir is beautiful, looking very peaceful.
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滇国剑客Knowing Dazhai this place, or in childhood through radio, film lens, now see the good change in the field, indeed proud of the change of Dazhai, this forest can be said to be green banks.
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青之柳清No play in this place. It is the place where rainbow trout and Chinese sturgeon are artificially raised. Both fish are currently 13 yuan per catty. There are solicitors from the nearby farmhouse to take you to choose fish, and the payment is responsible for killing you and taking you to the farmhouse for processing and tasting. The processing fee is 30 pieces. The pitted place is so unpalatable to death, I will never go again.
Nearby City
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滇国剑客Yaolin Temple is the first impression of the temple building, however, it is a good forest landscape area for environmental protection, and it is really good to open up a landscape like a plant.
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Dazhai VillageJinzhong,China

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