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Things To Do in Yangzhou

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_We***28Beautiful lake, bridges and vegetation! well worth a visit. I only had one hour to explore but could easily have spent a few more hours enjoying this lovely area.
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Historical Architecture
Ellehcim MalditaIt is a small street connected to dongguan street. there some souvenir shops in this area and there is a famous restaurant in the place that serves delicious breakfast as early as 7:00 in the morning: when we went there there are few tour groups visiting the place even most of the shops were still close.
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北极星Taiyuan Botanical Garden Taiyuan net red punching ground, any way to shoot the beautiful Taiyuan Botanical Garden 🚩 punching: Indoor and outdoor are very suitable for photographs, suitable for parent-child tour, honey tour, couples travel, etc., there are insect specimens 🌟 recommended: There are three glass rooms in the greenhouse, there are many flowers and plants, There are also some cactus. Taking a photo is very good. If you turn right at the ticket gate, you can see there is a small lake in the garden. There are ducks. They are suitable for wearing white, red and other colors. Wear skirts to pay attention to sun protection outside. The temperature in the room is just right. 🎫 Ticket 50, you need to make an appointment in advance.
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M31***02Going in mid-April. The Daming Temple overall feels more like a temple in a garden. The first half is more Chinese, and the latter has Japanese style. From a simple appreciation point of view, the two styles are put together without a sudden feeling. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant in the temple provides Suzanne. The taste of vegetarian porridge is more like by individuals, light and delicious, seems simple, the taste of the entrance is rich.
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Water Conservancy Project
Eldar Yangzhou Ancient Canal is one of the oldest historical places in China. Our guide told us that the canal was built for Emperor, so he could reach by this canal from Beijing! The park surrounding the canal is very beautiful. You can take a walk or ride on boat...Whole day is not enough to see all the park. Check my pictures and enjoy, rather than reading...
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Hot Springs Resort
E30***52We live in twin villa for 6 night. Good service but not perfect. Sometimes significant delay happens for the service especially from last 2 nights, which does not match its price. Another thing we had fresh memory is that the last time (Jan 07)when we ordered in-room hot spring service, the water was pretty hot without reminder, which burned my dad's feet's skin. In the previous similar service, the water is well mixed with reminder. While the lady who provided service at that time has a nice attitude which made a trade off. I want to give a cleaner called Xue Zhangjuan a five star review. She is quite responsible and always has a sweet service, which made us quite comfortable.