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Things To Do in Yanyuan

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隨時出走The beginning of a simple pier is the beginning of the scenic spot. When the season is right, you can see the luxuriant aquatic plants, but I go to see the dead grass in the off-season, and there is another desolate beauty~ Here I watch the sunrise and sunset. I boarded the boat and waited in the lake before dawn. I saw the stars accompanied by the morning light. After the light was bright, it was golden. Huang Chengcheng said that it was sunset. Beautiful, the waiting is worth it. Very cold in the morning~ remember to wear a coat
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Historical Architecture
吴立珍The Mansion of the Last Princess is the residence of Xiao Shuming, the wife of the Han nationality, the last Zuosuo chieftain. She is the legend of the daughter country and is called the last of the "Queen of Mosuo". There are many reports and pictures about the last wife Xiao Shuming of the chieftain. , Cultural relics, etc.
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chuen271This attraction is really beautiful, super original ecology, not too many people during the May Day holiday, tickets are not expensive, only 45 yuan ... is about 3.5 hours drive from Panzhihua, basically only by car or chartered, the car is to go into the scenic spot to play conveniently, As for the scenery, you can look at the photos ... Tips: 3.5 The hourly drive has always been a sharp turn, and the car sick friend may have to consider carefully ...
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JerryThe water in some areas is a vivid blue. It's better to spend at least two days, to explore most of the scenic area, which is huge.
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路中寒梅Xichang Yihai Wetland Park is more suitable for leisure and holiday, and it is best to be sunny, the scenery is generally general, the sky is beautiful, live nearby for a few days, walk and climb the mountain to eat some food is still good, if the time is limited, it is best to go to the dream water town to see it! Busan was closed this time because of fire prevention. It should be good to see the panoramic view of the lake!
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M43***12Accompany friends to Luo Lushan to relax, she is the first time, noisy to me to help her take pictures. We arrived at the sea son stop, when the sun is not very good, the sea son like ink jade as deep, did not expect to wait for friends to pose, the sun through the shade of the tree to spill down, really beautiful scenery. She regrets that she did not go to the full journey, said that the next holiday will still go to Luojishan. Back to the hotel of course can not leave the hot spring pool, needless to say, it is patting, she is happy, I think Luojishan is really playful.