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Things To Do in Zhaoping

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Ancient Settlement
茱丽叶very suggestive, can spend an hour or so walking around and taking photos. the drive there is also nice. inside the village there are some cafe to sit down but probably not worth it. can get some souvenirs instead.
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qianjiangyueHuangyao Fairy Lake Flower Sea is located in Tawang Village, Zhaoping County, next to the original Zhoujia Reservoir. We went there mainly to participate in outdoor activities. By the way, we took a look at the flowers. The scenic area is large and there are some flowers, but not many. The flowers in the back look delicate and beautiful, and the scenery is still good.
Nearby City
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ErinLReally nice show and well worth seeing if you are in Yangshou. Tips! - Don't get the expensive tickets for better seats. The show is on the water and everyone can see clearly. I got C tickets (the cheapest ones) and could see just fine.Also, if someone tries to sell you discounted tickets outside the location, they are legit! I was really wary of these people at first but they are Yangshou locals who get heavily discounted tickets. So they can purchase the ticket on your behalf for less than the going rate and they keep the difference. Good for you, good for them!
Nearby City
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老鹰在飞翔The reed flute rock was discovered and developed in 1959. Since the Tang Dynasty, there have been visitors in all ages, the cave memory of the previous murals 77. The cave mouth has a reed grass, legend can be made flute, blow out the beautiful sound, reed flute rock is named.
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在路上的小萍萍It’s about 3-4 kilometers away from Huangyao Ancient Town. It’s not too far. I rented a bicycle in the ancient town for 15 yuan for half a day. It took more than 20 minutes to ride, but it was uphill all the way and it was a lot of effort. . This is a free point. When it comes, there are very few, very quiet, comfortable to look at the scene, in a daze, very recommended. The scenery is so beautiful, if there is some fog in the early morning, the photo is better.
Nearby City
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Tellawe drove along those route from the airport to our accommodation. It is so beautiful and unique you don't know where to look. In some respect its better than the built up areas where construction and buildings take away from the view.