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首席监理Dinghu Mountain is located in the northeast of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, 18 kilometers from Zhaoqing City, composed of more than 10 mountains, total area 11.33 square kilometers. The main peak is 1000 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the Pearl River Delta area. Dinghu Mountain is called the top of the four famous mountains in the Lingnan region, for its scenic tourism, scientific research and religious worship. Dinghu Mountain preserves the original secondary forest of the evergreen broadleaf forest of the subtropical zone of over 400 years, which contains 327 species of higher plants and 980 species of insects. Among them, 32 species of wild animals and 23 species of wild plants are protected by the state, which are the gene reservoir of the species of South China, and are known as the emeralds on the Tropic of Cancer.
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睡恣@M丶A pink "long dragon" stretching about ten miles into the open lake leads to the distance. The charm of the reflection is shown incisively, giving the purple cherry blossoms the most beautiful background. Looks like a walk in the clouds, each one is stunning.
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M24***26Card Ziyun Valley, really a summer resort, water can be bought outside the ferry, inside is double expensive. The meal is eaten inside, the specialties are delicious, the quantity is enough, the price is not expensive. Shanqingshuixiu, it is recommended to wear sandals or slippers outside, the road is good, it is very comfortable to step on the water. No sneakers are needed.
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小猪罗比Enjoy the reputation of "Guangdong Jiuzhaigou", is known as the most characteristic eco-tourism resort in the province. The scenic area is famous for its unique natural landscape and elegant ecological environment, but the scenic area is full of forest, waterfalls, and marvels. Collect leisure vacation, sightseeing, rural experience, rural flavor in one.
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Yannis_YipDuring the National Day holiday, the Dragon Mother Temple was full of incense, and many people lined up to enter. Make an appointment on the public account "Guangdong Deqing Yuecheng Dragon Mother Ancestral Temple" and make an appointment for the entrance time and the number of people. Driving to the door is called a classic. The whole street sells incense and candles. You want to rush to the front of the car, just let your car park in front of his house, enter the store for consumption, and get off and enter the store. There are consumer requirements. They all started in a hundred. In fact, there are free parking spaces in front of the temple. It is relatively cheap to buy incense candles without parking, about 38 yuan. The architectural sculptures in the temple are very vivid, similar to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou. Different statues tell different stories. It is worth seeing inside. Moreover, the dragon mother is very effective, so many people come to pray for blessing.
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睡恣@M丶"Guangdong most beautiful place" here is "Asia rare, Guangdong first" waterfalls, the number of waterfalls more than 100, is the most dense place of Guangdong waterfalls.

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Qingyun TempleZhaoqing,China

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Xinghu Wetland ParkZhaoqing,China

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Qixingyan Memorial Square Music FountainZhaoqing,China

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Baisha The Dragon Mother's TempleZhaoqing,China

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Liuzu (Six Ancestors) TempleZhaoqing,China

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About Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing is located in Guangdong. In ancient times it was called Duanzhou under the Sui. It is where the Duan inkstone originated, one of China's “Four Famous Inkstones", and was indispensable to calligraphers and artists. The scenery here is majestic, with beautiful scenic areas such as Seven Star Crags, Dinghu Mountain, Panlong Gorge and Xing Lake. There are also cultural sites of interest that are representative of Cantonese culture and have also borne witness to the city's history, including the old city walls, Longmu Temple, Qingyun Temple and the Mei Nunnery.

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