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Things To Do in Zhouzhi

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269 Reviews
134***39The water is very good, clear and bottomless. Summer and late autumn have been each, feel that autumn is better. The color is more layered, there are fewer people, and more quiet. The benefits of summer can be water play, Xi'an water source, the water is really good. There are signs along the way that don't let the water play, but there are still many people playing. There are also some water bottles, plastic bags, and so on in the water, which hurts. In addition, I think this scenic area can come to travel, to control the number of people. And can't do such a farmhouse music dining, too much pollution, the old county house is doing farmhouse music, more and more tourists, more and more garbage, do not know how to deal with. The road to the old county is one, very narrow, many places can't get a car. Driving a big car will be exhausted. It is recommended to drive as much as possible in a small car, polo, flying, etc.
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National Park
M45***05Although it was built later, the Zhongnanshan Ancient Building Viewing Area is beautiful. There are tickets to the mountain for sale, and there is a statue of Lao Tzu. Since I didn't buy it, I took a picture of the scenery at the door. The real Louguan Terrace is the National Forest Park at the back. You need to buy a ticket. After you enter, there is a similar Taoist temple to visit, and you need to buy another ticket. If you are not interested, you can take a look at the scenery and climb the mountain. It is also good to go back to the past. There are many small scenic spots near Louguantai Scenic Area. You can go to the Zhao Gongming Temple of Wealth and you need to buy a ticket. There are other places where you can go around when you have time.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
扶疏子Zhao Gongming’s Wealth Cultural Scenic Spot is located in Zhaodai Village, Jixian Town, Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi, the hometown of God of Wealth, Zhao Gongming. It has a core building courtyard including the Sanjin Temple of Wealth, including the Hall of Blessing, Hall of Wealth and Sanxiao Hall. In the Temple of Wealth, the four-way God of Wealth Partial Hall, commanded by Zhao Gongming, was built in the East, the West, the North The system of gods is a comprehensive exhibition area for folk auspicious gods of good fortune.
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朵朵白云🏮The park has 7 small doors on the right side of the wall, and the right side is a parking area along the wall. Park parking can be accessed from anywhere. 🏮The park is in front of the Luoshen Food District. The teahouse under the bridge is best to relax, drink tea, pick up melon seeds, pass it around, and be comfortable and cool. It is also the most characteristic store. 🏮 If you want to sway by boat, you can consult at Pier 4. 🏮 Pier 7 is a water ride and a net red bridge on the water street. Challenge all kinds of water projects here. 🏮 Zhouzhi Water Street Armaments Hall, watching non-genetic people build various weapons, went to Xi'an Evening News. 🏮 The two sides of Shahe are picked up and up, and are occupied by various special homestays. There are holes in the top of the homestay, trees are shaded and flowers are in full bloom. - punch in the photo - ✅ Don't just miss the scenery on the river, the rose wall and steps on the street of the homestay are the best background for taking pictures. ✅ The stone slab of the small shop on the riverside is beautiful when the boat is rolled over. Or sit directly at the bow and let the photographer be on the bank.
79 Reviews
Botanical Garden
M53***84[Scenic] It is very beautiful. There are beautiful scenery all year round. The beautiful Maple Leaf Lake, various plant gardens, red dates from the maple tree garden, golden laurel and silver laurel from the wood grove garden, peach and apricot plum from the rose garden, purple rose from the thousand quince vegetable garden, and four products of the seagull from the seagull garden. Would like to come next time.
79 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Violaine Wu Louguan is good, is being "fooled" little brother drove up to see an old man statue, did not go to Taoist temple. Louguan forest is like a fairyland. After coming down, I drove up and visited Huanv Spring, there is a teapot exhibition, it is really good!

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Yanshengguan (North Gate)Xi'an,China

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Heihe National Forest ParkXi'an,China

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Qinling National Botanical GardenXi'an,China

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Zhongnan Mountain Ancient Building Scenic SpotXi'an,China

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Shahe Wetland ParkXi'an,China

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The Female SpringsXi'an,China

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Zhouzhi Travel Tips

About Zhouzhi

Zhouzhi County is located in the center-west of the Guanzhong Plain. Jiangshuimian (a sour noodle soup), beef/mutton dumpling soup, hand-stretched tuotuo noodles, and roujiamo (a sliced meat sandwich) are local specialty snacks. Here you will find the “most beautiful place under heaven,” Louguantai (“Lookout Tower Platform” - where Daoism originated), the birthplace of Chang Hen Ge (“The Song of Everlasting Regret” - written 809), and Xianyou Temple. You can also enjoy the Qinling National Botanical Garden, the Zhouzhi Shahe (“Sand River”) Wetland Park, and the Zhao Gongming God of Wealth Cultural Scenic Area.

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