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Bahai Gardens

Bahai Gardens

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"UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site"
Ranked #1 in Haifa Important Religious Institutions
"The Baha’i Gardens Haifa is the most beautiful port in Israel, and the Baha’i Gardens is located on the Carmel Mountain in Haifa (546 meters above sea level), facing the Mediterranean Sea. This is the resting place of the Bab, the pioneer of Bahá'íism, and one of the holy places of Bahá'íism. Baha’i religion originated in the first half of the 19th century. In 1844, the Bab and Persia claimed to accept the Apocalypse and began preaching. They were subsequently exiled to Azerbaijan by the authorities and were killed in 1850. Later, a man who claimed to be a Bab ambassador appeared, and that was Hussein Ali, the founder of the Baha’i religion. In 1853, he was exiled by the Ottoman Empire and later moved to Akha. In 1981, he selected a site in Haifa to build a mausoleum. In 2001, after more than 100 years of hard work by several generations of believers, the $250 million Baha’i Garden was completed. The designer Canadian architect William Maxwell designed a white pavilion with a golden dome, which combines Chinese and Western cultures. The simple style of the Persian garden also has the style of a classical European garden. The entire garden is stepped, with 19 floors of platforms, centered on the Bab’s mausoleum, and there are marble-paved steps between the stacked platforms. It is the central axis of the entire garden. If the length from the foot of the mountain to the top is nearly 1 km, the height The height is 225 meters and the geometry is completely symmetrical. In 2008, the Bahá'í Gardens and the Baha'u'llah Temple in Akka were included in the World Cultural Heritage List. It was the first building complex related to modern religions under the list. Now the Baha'i Gardens are open to visitors free of charge. The maintenance fee is more than four million US dollars. The best way to tour is to participate in a local guide group, which is available every morning and afternoon. There is no need to register for an English group. Those who come first join the group. The dressing requirements are not to be bare shoulders and knees."