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Things To Do in Liling

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khccZhuangyuanzhou is the first choice of Fuling attractions, is actually a park in the center of the river, here is free entry. In addition to Zhuangyuan Pavilion and Liling City Library, the public square is a green area, both sides can enjoy the river view, and trees are dense, more than 30 degrees of hot weather can feel the cool wind.
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M23***17Good inside and outside the venue, also free, worth the visit, unfortunately arrived too late, only visited for half an hour, back busy to write comments, many photos deleted.
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Theme Park
M25***29The environment is really amazing. There are a lot of dolls and my favorite bear Big Bear II. After shopping all day, I basically played it again. It's really affordable. It's worth the fare. Strong Amway, everyone come and play😊
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M32***75[Environment] The overall effect is good, the greening is very good, walking in the park, the air is fresh, the road is clean, and the mood of the project is better than half [project] with unique characteristics. Today, there are more people, each project has a long line, there are more exciting jungle flying dragons, The polar express, the sounding shuttle, are worth playing, and the children play, there is everything, the ancient butterfly love also impressed me, too true [food and beverage] price is small, the taste is good, the variety is complete, today is also good, very happy
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世界美食游走达人After many years, I came to the Cave of the Dragon. This cave, several times in my dreams, became a deep mark of my childhood nightmares [allowing sorrow] And today, I still lament the magic of nature, but the physical strength in the slippers on the long hike to climb the mountain defeated.
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紫色雨鞋The environment in the park is very good, the air is fresh, the green mountains and the water, there are many amusement facilities, there are animal shows, children's playground, there is a group construction facilities, very suitable for family travel and group activities.

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Liling Ceramic MuseumZhuzhou,China

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Jiuzhou Grand TheaterZhuzhou,China

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Yunyan TempleZhuzhou,China

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Zhuangyuanzhou IslandZhuzhou,China

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About Liling

Liling City is located in the east of Hunan Province, in the middle reaches of the Lu River (a tributary of the Xiang River), and along the northwestern section of the Luoxiao Mountains. Liling is the hometown of Li Tian, the father of firecrackers. The town is called the “hometown of fireworks” because it produces such a great quantity of fireworks and firecrackers. Liling has been home to what are called the “Eight Attractions of Liling” since ancient times. In modern times, the city is home to the Academy of Classical Chronicles, Ancient Bridge Over Grassy Islet, Xian Mountain Lookout, Five Color Ceramics Valley, Wei Mountain Area, Zen Music at Cloud Cliff, Guanzhuang and Pinghu villages, and Gengci Hefeng.

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