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Noboribetsu Bear ParkNearby City

Noboribetsu Bear Park

4.5/5228 Reviews
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Open from 9:30am-4:30pm (Local time)
"There are not many scenic spots in Noboribetsu. In fact, you come to Noboribetsu more to enjoy hot spring hotels. Since you are here, you still have to come to see Jigokudani and Bear Ranch. After returning from Jigokudani to the hotel, I booked a shuttle bus to the Bear Ranch. In fact, the distance is very close, and the hot spring street is here. It was good to walk all the way back from the hot spring street when I was in the process. When you arrive at the bear farm, buy a ticket first and support WeChat payment. Remember that you can use red envelopes, so it is the most cost-effective to buy one by one person. Then take the cable car to see the raging! I actually saw a special hanging fish on the cable car. It is estimated that it was sent to the bears to eat~ The bear farm is actually not very playable. The only fun is to feed the bears to eat bear biscuits. The bears will fight for food, but also for tourists to feed themselves, some beckon and some are cute. One of their favorite bears will grab their feet and shake them like a tumbler. I don’t know where I learned the posture. Really It's so cute! After watching the bear, I continued to walk forward. I felt like I was in a small village. The small houses are so cute. I guess I can sell small commodities when it gets hotter. Go to the Bear Restaurant for lunch, the taste is not bad, then go to the Bear Museum to visit, continue outdoor activities, watching the sea in the snow scene is really beautiful! There is actually an observatory. We coined a coin and looked into the distance with binoculars, and actually saw the cruise ship on the opposite side. There is also a photo spot here, where you can take pictures of the lake behind. The two Chinese couples have been here for a long time and we can only take a long view...All in all, it’s worth the price. It’s very original in winter. Naturally!"