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Things To Do in Otaru

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Water Conservancy Project
E49***88Nice view with traditional Japanese atmosphere. I went there in April 2019, the weather was warm (upto 26-28C during day time) Stayed in Otaru for 2 nights, so I can see the different views during daytime and night time. Like Otaru Canal very much, the canal, fresh air and the view seems liked bring you back to 100 years ago. Wanted to go again in Winter time, must be a very different scenes.
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Herb香草There is a large music clock at the entrance of Xiaoxuan Music Box Hall, which rings at full hour, music playing with white smoke, always gathers tourists to take pictures, and the music box displays a variety of music boxes in the music box hall, the arrangement is very dreamy, is a must-visit attraction to Xiaoxuan.
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M18***13Would have liked to see the view of Otaru from up the top where there is access road, much like Mt Isana in Nagasaki but the road was closed.
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Featured Neighbourhood
辰溪巴克Xiaoyan canal side a lot of home north of a lot of nitro, is actually selling glass crafts, the price of course is not very friendly, do very beautiful. The shop has that kind of cheap glass pen can buy, should be for tourists.
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Featured Neighbourhood
辰溪巴克Seeing this intersection in the love letter is really beautiful, snowy, a pity, the reality is no snow look really general, many people, no very special feeling, just a few shops can go shopping.
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Leow Cheng LamCan see thousands types of music box which made by various pattern and materials such as glasses, wood and porcelain. Although the prices are expensive but many people like to buy it home for gifts.