Phi Phi Islands
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Things To Do in Phi Phi Islands

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National Park
E22***20its one of the best beaches in thailand . it is very beautiful place surrounded by the natural beautiful scenery like nowhere else . Especially the atmosphere there takes you away from the world that you usually live in . in my opinion its a must go place if you visit phuket
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Aly Jbeautiful beach with its white soft sand that makes your skin stay. stunning scenery perfects for your thirsty sights.
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Observation Deck
E32***86There are 3 view points. Addmision is 30THB.You can arrive there by following signs say view point from city center.picture is view point 1&2.
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vivienvivienLittle Phi Phi Island and Big Phi Phi Island are separated by about 2 kilometers, surrounded by cliffs. The terrain is dangerous and there are several huge limestone caves. The island has not undergone any development, nor does it provide accommodation. The wild monkeys are full of mountains, but the water quality is particularly clear, especially suitable for diving. There are scenic spots such as Maya Bay and Viking Caves. Maya Bay can be used for diving. There are many petrels inhabiting the Viking Caves, so it is also called "bird's nest cave". It is precisely because of the clear waters and snow-white beaches that this place was chosen as the location for the Hollywood movie "Beach".
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JurajivaIt takes a little bit of time to get to this place. make sure to rent out the speed boats. You can choose between a group your or a private tour. I would recommend a private tour because the group tours can be a little crowded. great views of the monkeys. the water is so clean and blue it looks amazing. Definitely worth it.
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远行-遇见你Mosquito Island is also called Koh Young, is a remote island north of Big Pippi Island. Mosquito Island is a veritable name, there are a lot of mosquitoes, so remember to wipe good medicine before the island, to prevent mosquito bite. Here is not usually on the island, directly boats stop at sea, go snorkeling. First time trying to snorkel, a little excited, mainly mastered the technique of breathing with your mouth, then it was completely ok. There are a lot of fish in the sea, the blue one is very beautiful~ The crew brought bread, and soon a large group of fish came over, and accidentally touched a piece with your hand! Haha, the underwater world is really magical. The water is not very clear, but it is enough to experience it! . To the east of the mosquito island is a rocky shore, a beautiful little beach surrounded by the middle of the valley, clear water in the glittering view of the gorgeous coral reef rock, Pipi Island's most beautiful coral rock, attracting many tourists to snorkel. Snorkeling near the mosquito island is a good choice, 4-5 meters of water, many fish and coral reefs, and sea urchins and sea cucumbers, but remember not to step on the coral, you will trample them to death. Watch out for sea urchins hitting your feet.

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About Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are an archipelago consisting of the Great Phi Phi Island in the north and smaller Ko Phi Phi Le in the south, along with a four smaller islands around it. It was designated a National Park of Thailand in 1983. Great Phi Phi Island is shaped like an irregular dumbbell, with two sets of green hills on either end of two half-moon bays. The dreamy blue sea of the small island, Ko Phi Phi Le, is featured in the 2000 film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. These sun-touched islands are full of soft, white beaches, surrounded by tranquil blue waters, and contain a number of natural caves and unspoiled natural features that any visitor would find irresistible.

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