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About Yichuan

Yichuan is situated in the north of Shaanxi province to the southwest of Yan'an. It is home to the famous Hukou Waterfall, which is the second largest waterfall in China and the world's largest yellow waterfall. Hukou means 'teapot spout', which describes the narrow shape of the gorge. The area around the waterfalls also features a number of interesting geological features and river islands. Other popular attractions include Mengmen Mountain and Mangtou Mountain.

Popular Attractions in Yichuan

Hukou Waterfall
5,668 Reviews
The Yellow River Hukou Waterfall is located in the channel of the Yellow River where it passes through the Qin Jin Grand Canyon. To the east of the falls is Shanxi's Linfen region, and to the west of the falls is Yichuan County, Yan'an, Shaanxi Province. The section of the falls in Shaanxi is located 35 kilometers east of Yichuan County, Yan’an. Because the Yellow River carries so much sediment, this is one of the few places on earth you can see a yellow waterfall. The scenery of Hukou Waterfall changes through each of the four seasons.
Hukou Waterfall
5,557 Reviews
The Hukou Waterfall is a famous waterfall on the Yellow River. The roiling water of the Yellow River roars downward here with great power. The Hukou Waterfall area is divided by the Yellow River. On the west side is Yichuan County, Shaanxi, and on the east side is Ji County, Shanxi. The waterfall is also divided into the Hukou Waterfall (the part of the falls in Shaanxi) and the Shanxi Hukou Waterfall (the part of the falls in Shanxi). Separate tickets are sold for each area. The Shanxi section of the Hukou Waterfall is located 45 kilometers west of the seat of Ji County in Linfen City, Shanxi.
Yichuan Battle Martyrs' Cemetery
2 Reviews
Historical Site
Dangjia Village
606 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Dangjia Village is located in Xizhuang Town in the northeast of Hancheng City. It is a well-preserved architectural village of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is known as a "living fossil of the ancient traditional residences of Eastern mankind." Its stone-built alleys are tall and splendid, elegant courtyard doors are particularly eye-catching, the inscriptions prominently reflect the owner's status and beliefs, and the layout of the village lanes is even more interesting.

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Trip Moments

The first waterfall of the Wanli Yellow River is located at Hukou Waterfall at the junction of Shaanxi and Shanxi. In the winter, it is a low season for tourism, but if you want to see the wonders of the Hukou Icefall, you can only come in the winter. This section of the Yellow River is the dividing line between Shaanxi and Shanxi. There is a Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area on both sides of the Yellow River. There are direct buses from Xi'an to the Hukou. It takes more than 5 hours on the road to go directly to the scenic spot. The Yellow River reached the Hukou section, and the river suddenly narrowed. It changed from a river of more than 400 meters to 30-50 meters, forming the second largest waterfall in China. The Hukou Waterfall has different scenery all year round and is suitable for sightseeing. The water is abundant in summer, the river is yellow, mixed with a lot of sediment, and the momentum is magnificent. In the winter, the water mist on the river is frozen and condensed together to form an ice, which is a rare spectacle. This section of the Yellow River is also the dividing line of many countries in history. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Northern Wei Dynasty split into the East Wei and Western Wei with the Yellow River as the boundary. The Hukou area is the main battlefield. During the anti-Japanese war in 1938, the famous poet wrote the immortal poem "Yellow River" here. Returning to Yan'an, Xing Xinghai made a score for this poem, and the outstanding "Yellow River Chorus" was born. The mouth of the winter, the temperature is usually below zero, the shore is rugged, covered with a thin layer of ice, and you must be very careful when walking.
Posted: 23 Dec, 2018
Adam Yue   
The ice-hanging wonders of the Hukou winter are very famous. Although the water level of the waterfall is relatively small at this time, the mouth of this season has its unique charm, which is still very shocking. Go deep into the Hukou Waterfall in winter, where the splendid scenery and unforgettable surprises are everywhere. In the midwinter season, its beauty has not diminished. The flowing water pouring down, accompanied by the snow and ice on both sides, became the dazzling light on the land of northern Shaanxi, the immortal miracle above the mother river. Winter's Hukou Waterfall, wrapped in silver; the scene in the snow is as charming as a fairy tale. The rolling waves of the Pentium, the pure and innocent snow and ice, are the most romantic and most touching styles here. Winter's Hukou Waterfall in Shaanxi, in addition to the spectacular and magnificent waterfall landscape, there are many small scenes worthy of watching and savoring. It makes the entire scenic area more fascinating and richer. Along the direction of the waterfall, heading towards the lower reaches of the river, the landscape along the way is very different from the upstream. Above the rocks, between the white snow, there are many different forms, ice hangs formed by the condensation of water, and pure ice. Those smart ice hangings have become the stars of the scenic winter, attracting a lot of photographers who come here, and they have endless praise. Walking in the picturesque scenery of the Hukou, it is the free flowing water that can not be ignored. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the ice and water in the winter, people can't help but think of it. Whenever the flood season comes, the flowing water here will be more spectacular and majestic.
Posted: 10 Dec, 2018
Print creation   
After traveling along the Yellow Highway along Shaanxi for more than 50 kilometers, I came to Hukou Waterfall, the world's first yellow waterfall known as the soul of the nation. After crossing the Hukou Yellow River Bridge, I came to Jixian County, Shanxi Province, and passed through a tall archway. I saw the yellow waterfall far away and faintly heard the roar of the majestic. We stood in the mouth of the rushing pot. Before the big waterfall. I saw the yellow giant rushing from the distance, the vastness, the majestic, the unstoppable, I can't help but think of Li Bai's famous poem "The Yellow River is coming up in the sky and running to the sea." At the foot of the Yellow River, the huge currents were suddenly shrunk, the rivers gathered, and rushing into the deep pool, suddenly splashing the waves of the sky, as if a god was carrying a giant pot and dumping the source. Endless water of the Yellow River. For a time, my heart was deeply shocked. The Yellow River in front of him is roaring, roaring, screaming, huge waves rolling, and the sound of the waves is soaring, and there is a great shock and turmoil. At this moment, my feet are thrilling waves, and the ear is a deafening roar. Look at the waterfall, it seems like the river is over the sea, the turbid waves are empty, and the force is irresistible. The turbidity of the rushing down, all my senses were conquered, only the yellow waterfall in the eyes rushed, and only the surging waves in the chest were lingering. Standing in front of the Great Falls, my soul was immediately washed clean by this day! Its no wonder that the ancients like to write poetry here, this is my longing for life!
Posted: 25 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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