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Yi Mongolia Red Movie Base

Yi Mongolia Red Movie Base

4.4/5221 Reviews
Film Studio
Yi Mongolia Red Movie Base is located in Changshan village, Mamuchi, Yinan County. It's comprised of the Chinese Red Sister Revolutionary Memorial, Changshan Old Village, Yizhou Old Town and Shanxiang Dream Movie Service Center. This comprehensive leisure vacation tourism scenic area combines Red tourism, movie making, Party education, food and beverages, and other functions. This is the actual place where Red Sister used breast milk to save an injured soldier, as this used to be the center of the Yin Mongolia revolutionary base. This place has retained the old village style reminiscent of the days of the Anti-Japanese War.
Linyi Zoo and Botanical Garden

Linyi Zoo and Botanical GardenNearby City

4.6/51,281 Reviews
Botanical Garden
8:30-16:30 (Local time)
Located in the northeast of Linyi City, Linyi Zoological and Botanical Garden is a large park featuring a zoo, botanical garden, amusement park, military education park, and youth activity park. The Linyi Zoological and Botanical Garden is divided into five major areas: the Zoological Garden Landscape Park, the Stone Forest Landscape Park, the Botanical Garden Landscape Park, the Economic Forest Landscape Park, and the Contemporary Entertainment Landscape Park.
Linyi Ocean World Theme Park

Linyi Ocean World Theme ParkNearby City

4.6/5195 Reviews
Day field 9:00-17:00, night field 17:00-22:00 (Local time)
Linyi Marine World Theme Park is located in Linyi Shusheng Culture City. It is a large marine aquarium that focuses on marine biology exhibitions, integrating science education and entertainment. It is also a modern marine theme park which include Tropical Rainforest Pavilion, Coral Sea, Sea Lions Theatre, Undersea Tunnel, Polar Pavilion, Jellyfish Palace, Children's Paradise, and Education and Training Pavilion. Here, you can see more than a thousand marine species through 180 degree submarine tunnels.
Linyi International Movie City

Linyi International Movie CityNearby City

4.3/5117 Reviews
Film Studio
Linyi Polar Ocean World

Linyi Polar Ocean WorldNearby City

4.2/5262 Reviews
9:00-17:00 (Local time)
Linyi Polar Ocean World is located in the Economic Development Zone of Linyi City. It is an indoor polar marine theme park with a multi-storey multi-cabin combination. The Linyi Polar Ocean World consists of five distinctive sections, each of which is closely related to the marine theme, including the Polar Animal Museum (Antarctic, Arctic), the Ocean Pavilion, the River Pavilion, the Rainforest Pavilion, and the Herbarium, which showcases beluga whales and dolphins from Russia. There are hundreds of rare tropical fish in the world, such as polar bears and walruses.
Luozhuang Shengneng Amusement Park

Luozhuang Shengneng Amusement ParkNearby City

3.8/5110 Reviews
Amusement Park
8:00-17:00 (Local time)
Luozhuang Shengneng Amusement Park is a tourist area integrating agricultural cultivation, animal breeding and tourism. The park has successively developed and built agricultural breeding bases such as aquaculture farms, sika deer farms and flower planting bases, as well as water amusement parks, children's parks and zoos. At the same time, the park continues to carry out various forms of agricultural science education and publicity activities.
Lanling National Agricultural Park

Lanling National Agricultural ParkNearby City

4.6/5305 Reviews
Botanical Garden
8:00-18:00 (Local time)
The Lanling National Agricultural Park has a mandala that has been passed down for thousands of years. It is called "love flower" in the eyes of the world. It is an auspicious flower of India. When you see this flower, you will have a happy life and good luck. At this time, you can enjoy its unique planting style and unique vegetable art. Visitors can also enjoy the pastoral scenery and green picking.
Huaxianzi Scenic Area

Huaxianzi Scenic AreaNearby City

3.9/5148 Reviews
Botanical Garden
This is a favorite spot among photographers. Huaxianzi features enormous fields of flowers, a town wall, a park, and panoramic views of flowers. Many couples like to come here to take engagement photos. In 2015, the Flower and Butterfly Festival was held. Other events included the butterfly release, butterfly sample exhibition and traditional ceremony exhibition. Hundreds of butterflies come to the flower fields. This is an enchanting place that reminds you of a vivid dream.
Zhudongtian Scenic Area

Zhudongtian Scenic AreaNearby City

4.2/5212 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Summer: 8:00-18:30, other seasons: 8:30-17:00. (Local time)
In the Rizhao Zhudongtian Scenic Area, there are rare bamboos in the north, and the bamboo in the large bamboo forest is very lush and the scenery is very spectacular. Bamboo generally grows in the south, and Rizhao actually has such a large bamboo garden. The house resembling the Yi people in the park also makes the bamboo garden full of southern customs. The vast bamboo forest makes Zhudong Tianjing District a natural oxygen bar, especially suitable for summer vacation. It is worth sitting in the depths of the bamboo forest to drink tea and sit on the whole day. There are also free folk song and dance performances and entertainment facilities made of bamboo.
Qingsongling Forest Park

Qingsongling Forest ParkNearby City

4.3/522 Reviews
City Park
Open all day (Local time)
Qingsongling Forest Park has a large forest coverage rate. The park has green pines and cypresses, and the rivers are vertical and horizontal with a lovely environment. The park is based on its lush plant resources and wild animal resources. There is rare botanical gardens built according to the original ecological standards, honeysuckle bases, three scenic spots of self-driving bases, bamboo gardens and field development training bases. The local features are very obvious. In the park, visitors can gaze on the scenery of the forest, the taste of the mountains and the wild, the taste of the ecological fresh fruit, the enjoyment of the green field, relaxation, leisure and entertainment. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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