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Tulou Complex at Hekeng Village
The earth building has seen more, and it feels almost the same. It is nothing more than a tour group that enters and exits, an endless commercial booth, and most of the earth buildings that are tourist attractions have been commercialized. If you happen to pass through Hekeng Village in Shuyang Town, Nanjing County, you will find that the earth buildings here are not the same. Hengkeng Village is 58 kilometers away from Nanjing County. Visitors coming to Nanjing to see the earth building generally choose Yunshuiyu or Tianluokeng, two famous scenic spots. Whether it is popularity or convenient transportation, Hekeng Tulou Group Can not match the above two scenic spots. Because of this, this group of earth buildings was preserved intact and quietly hidden in the mountains. There is a small hill a few hundred meters away from Hekeng Village, which is less than 100 meters high. The observation deck on the mountain overlooks the entire Tulou group. The Hekeng Tulou Group contains more than a dozen earth buildings. The earliest earth building here is called Chaoshui Building. It was built in 1549. It is a group of earth buildings in the Ming Dynasty. Entering Hekeng Village, there is no tourist bus. There are not many cars in the village. Chickens and ducks walk around and are not afraid of tourists. Entered a large-scale earth building called Yuchang Building. There is only one door in and out of the whole earth building. The earth building is huge. This earth building has three floors. From the clothes drying in the second and third floors, there are still many people living. In the middle of the earth building is a flat square, which is a public activity area for the residents of the earth building.
At 6 o'clock in the morning, I thought it was very early. The photographers in the same place had already taken photos in Jiangjunshan Park, and they didn't let people sleep well. One of the sacred sites, the name of the generals of the generals of the ruins of the generals of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins of the ruins In the morning, you can see many people exercising here in the morning, strolling through the picturesque scenery of the General Mountain Park and breathing the fresh air. Jiangjun Mountain, the ancient name of Jiangjun Mountain, is located at the west side of Yunxiao County, at an altitude of 426 meters. The Jiangjun Park was designed and built according to the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty. The pavilion hall and the water pavilion in the park are all high-grade, and they are beautiful in the magnificent atmosphere. Rhyme, blending the relics of the Tang Dynasty with the mountains and rivers of southern Fujian. Chen Zhengs Tomb is located in the foothills of the Generals, 3 km west of Yunxiao County. It is within 10 km of the General Mountain. Chen Zheng, the word Yimin, once led the troops to come to the "flat" (677 years) in April, and was buried in the General Mountain. [Travel Tips]: Chen Zhengs tomb is located in Jiangjunshan Park. The two scenic spots are connected together. After entering the gate, go to the right. Visit the General Hill Park for a while, then walk for 10 minutes to reach the Chen Zheng Tomb. Large and small buildings allow you to spend a lot of time researching. When you go back, you will go to the right when you cross the road. Strolled through the mountain park and cleared the Chen Zhengs tomb. [Address]: Chen Zheng Road, west of Guancheng, Yuncheng County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province / hc/ [ticket]: Free
Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster
Baixiang Yuanshan Hot Spring
The reason why I came to Ganzhou again, or stayed at the Xiangxiang Yuanshan Hotel, was because I really loved the hot springs of their home. Quzhou's geothermal resources are uniquely endowed with a long history of hot spring development. And to say that the most hot place in Shuozhou bathing, non- is none other than. First, it is close to the urban area. It is on the edge of the Zhangzhou War Preparation Bridge. The bridge is the ancient city and the traffic is convenient. Secondly, it is also constantly introducing diversified services, making the hot spring trip not limited to bathing. 28 soup pools, from 10:30 in the morning, if you want, you can stay inside for one day and finish at 23 o'clock in the evening. One pool, hidden between flowers and plants, hot springs are also the theme of flowers, there are osmanthus spring, magnolia spring, Jinhuahuaquan, Camellia spring, etc., in the hot springs, experience the warmth of spring water, can smell It is very comfortable to the bursts of flowers. In addition to the hot spring pool, there are salt baths, volcanic stone baths, and loess ball baths. Different health techniques can be used to alternate hot springs. There is also an indoor five-row wellness pool and a multi-purpose spa area, so no matter whether it is windy or rainy, you can come and want to run. One grass and one wood, one spring and one scene, one flower and one world. More than 200 kinds of aromatic flowers are designed and planted throughout the hot spring park. Different seasons vary from season to season. There are flowers at four o'clock, and the four seasons are fragrant. They are subtly separated by flowers and green forests. They are private and quiet, with soft water and green on their ears. In the field of vision. More seasons, different flower seasons change, there are flowers at four o'clock, and the four seasons are fragrant. In this time, the ancient sea water springs, listening to the sound of flowers, feel the slow life temperament of a small city.
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