Very good museum with extensive collection of artefacts from all over Rhodes, mainly between the early Bronze age and late Roman times. It is organized geographically as well as (partially) chronologically. The museum is housed in the medieval Hospital of the Knights Hospitalier, at the end of the medieval Street of the Knights. The historic building offers ample space to display all the finds and descriptive tables and is in itself worth a visit. In the museum, the presentation is somewhat dated but clear and well organized. Descriptions are i. greek and English. Some larger stone artefacts are displayed in the walkways, the inner courtyard and in the surrounding gardens. There is ample to see from all epochs, from Minoan times via Mycenaen times, the archaic period to classical Greece, helenistic times and finally the Roman aera. The development of the originally three city states (poles) of Rhodes and eventual unification and foundation of the City of Rhodes in ca 400 BC is well described and documented. My personal favourite pieces came from the classical aera, a cult statue of Aphrodite found in the sea off Rhodes town, possibly the cult statue of the nearby temple and a smaller sized kneeling marble Aphrodite shown ruffling her hair from the 1st Ctry BC. Some of the Greek painted pottery is also pretty spectacular. I spent a total of 1 1/2 hours there and found this time well spent. I would recommend a visit! #themepark#zoo#nationalpark#lakes#beaches
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Lan Kwai Fong
Kyoto Joe's all-you-can-eat brunch ($528/person) is very cost-effective. You can eat a range of sashimi, special rolls, appetizer salad, rotata-yaki, fried food, as well as main dishes and desserts. For the appetizer, the grilled saga and butter are full of flavor, the boiled abalone is boiled softly, and the salmon tata and Hokkaido cod crab salad; the rolls are very creative and have many styles, like Saga wagyu maitake mushroom rolls, salmon roe tuna Tatar rolls and fried shrimp tempura rolls; the four types of rotatayaki include A4 Wagyu beef short ribs, chicken thighs, Miyazaki black pork, and Minji chicken sticks are also juicy and tender, and those who like skewers should not miss the sashimi fried food. Abundant choices above the standard The main dish is A4 Saga Wagyu Teppanyaki (Yes, Wagyu), which is full of oily taste and must be ordered by the beef devil; the lobster scallop hotpot is full of umami and winter flavors. The final dessert platter includes sweet and juicy Japanese honey. Melon, fragrant chocolate cake, Japanese roll eggs, etc., a perfect end to school In addition, add $298 to enjoy free flow champagne, red and white wine, sake, etc., very recommended Thanks @hkfoodiexblogger! Kyoto Joe 23rd Floor, California Building, 30-36 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central #unforgettableexperiences#deliciousfood#couplestrip#awesomepic#café#bestislandtraveltowns#seafoodfeast#romanticrestaurant
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