JR Pass: All You Need to Know About Travel in Japan

Apr 3, 2024


  • 1. What is the JR Pass?
  • 2. Functions of JR Pass
  • 3. JR Pass prices and dates selection
  • 4. How to purchase a JR Pass?
  • 5. Notice of the use of JR Pass
  • 6. Characteristics of JR Pass
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Traveling between different cities is always likely if you make a trip to Japan. The JR Pass (or to give its full name, the Japan Rail Pass) is a multi-use ticket which offers more possibilities to enrich your journey, allowing passengers to take Japanese railway transportation an unlimited number of times within a valid period.

For many newcomers, traveling around Japan might seem to be complex and more than a little bit confusing. Here we have offered you an ultimate JR Pass guide, packed with tips and information that you should know before kicking off your trip to Japan.

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There are mainly six JR railway companies in Japan - JR-Hokkaido, JR-East, JR-Central, JR-West, JR-Shikoku and JR-Kyushu. In addition to the nationwide-used JR Pass, the six companies have also rolled out the JR Pass in different regions. Visitors can take designated Japanese railways, Shinkansen, monorail, bus and ferry routes for unlimited times within a valid period.

Once you have your itinerary planned, you can purchase a suitable JR Pass based on your travel routes, cities and dates you will visit. After arriving in Japan, you can activate JR Pass and take the designated Japanese railways, Shinkansen, monorail, bus and ferry routes for unlimited times within a valid period.

JR pass is an economical and convenient way for travelers to enjoy unlimited travel across JR lines, including railways, local buses, and some ferries. There are two types of JR Pass: the Green Pass (first class) and the Standard Pass. Passengers can select a type of pass which is valid for 7, 14 and 21 days respectively.


There are 3 main methods of buying a JR Pass:

1) JR Railway Companies

Visitors can purchase JR Pass in different regions through the six JR railway companies in Japan.

2) JR Railway Stations

When arriving in Japan, visitors can go to the designated JR Railway Stations or tourist service stations to purchase JR Pass.

3) Local Travel Agencies

Many local travel agencies are also authorized to provide the service of selling a JR Pass. Apart from getting tickets from brick-and-mortar travel agencies, travelers can also purchase tickets online through

It is highly recommended that visitors buy their tickets in advance before traveling. In addition to saving the queuing time upon arrival in Japan, travelers can also get a more favorable price when purchasing JR Pass tickets through

Our platform frequently offers discounts, which can be the cheapest available option.

1. The JR Pass is aimed especially at visitors to Japan. It can only be used by those who have foreign passports and stay in Japan as tourists for a short period of time. Therefore, the JR Pass is not suitable for Japanese residents or people working in Japan.

2. Every JR Pass has to be activated in Japan. Visitors can do so by exchanging their Japan Rail Pass voucher for the Japan Rail Pass. The JR Pass can be exchanged at the green windows from all JR stations, tourist service centers or JR counters at airports. Visitors need to show their passports, vouchers, and fill in the application form when exchanging.

3. JR Pass should be used within 1 month from the date of exchange

4. JR Pass starts counting down from the first day when you activate your ticket, which means you should continuously use your JR Pass to maximize its value before the expiry date.

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