UK Bank Holidays 2023: Maximise Your Leave

Oct 20, 2023


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We all enjoy the UK May Bank Holidays - when spring is close to becoming summer, days are longer, the sun is (hopefully) shining and we have plenty of lovely public holidays to look forward to. And in 2023, due to the coronation of King Charles III, May boasts 3 Mondays off work (NB - apologies in advance if this doesn't apply to you - we have plenty of other travel inspiration on our website and app to help…)

What's more, with the yearly 4-day Easter weekend coming up in April, the spring offers ample opportunity to book a trip. It's all very exciting.

But how to make the most of all these lovely public holidays? With our tips for how to maximise your leave, we're here to suggest ways to get the longest time off work with minimal impact on your annual leave - and, of course, some tips on where to go to enjoy your time off.

We think that Bank Holidays are a great opportunity to try something new. Here are a few ideas on how you can spend your time off in the UK and abroad, and maximise your hard-earned annual leave…

The Easter period is the obvious annual 4-day weekend in the UK - and whether you're a family with children or a solo traveller, you will have to contend with Easter Holidays, meaning busier flights and tourist destinations.

However, that Friday-to-Monday off is still a valuable way to maximise your holiday time - and booking off the week either side will see a full fortnight holiday for 8 days of annual leave. This year, the Easter weekend takes place between Friday 7 April and Monday 10 April.

If you fancy celebrating Easter in a foreign climate - or just want to take a break with your hard-earned annual leave - this is very much up for consideration…

Click here to see all the cheap flights available at UK, and see what's available across the Easter holidays.

Of course, if you're flying away, you'll need to book a hotel too - click here to see the hotels we have all over the world on


London is sure to be extremely busy around King Charles III coronation on May 8th 2023

We all know about Good Friday and Easter Monday and the four-day weekend that offers - but what about the best month for Bank Holidays overall?

The May Bank Holidays in the UK give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time off and spend some quality time with your family and friends - especially as there are no less than 3 separate public holiday days in 2023.

Monday 1 May is the first, then the following Monday - the 8th - is Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III. Finally, the last Monday of the month - the 29th - is the Spring Bank Holiday.

If you were to hypothetically book off Friday 28th April and return to work on Tuesday 9th May - getting a full ten-day holiday - you would book a mere 5 days off. Whether you want to be in the UK for King Charles III's coronation, or use the opportunity to get away, that's a pretty smart idea to us.

Indeed, if you book your outbound flight on the evening of the 28th, or early on the 29th of April, 4 days of annual leave booked off can give you enough time to go on a proper, 'faraway' trip.

Which leads us neatly onto…


Is there a better feeling than switching on your out of office?

Well, during early May, it is a wonderful opportunity to do one of two things - either take advantage of the Bank Holidays in the UK and enjoy an extended staycation.

If you want to stay for all the royal parties that we will likely see during the king's coronation, why not take a trip elsewhere in Britain for it? Check out our weekend city break guide for some staycation inspiration. Whether it's the South Coast or Wales, you can enjoy some sea or countryside while enjoying a well-earned break.

The second suggestion - perhaps unsurprisingly, given that you're reading a travel blog - is to maximise your leave and grab a flight and hotel abroad.

Perhaps you'd like to escape the craziness of early May and head for a spa in Europe? Maybe a bit of glitz and glamour is more to your liking, so how about Dubai? If you'd like to keep it closer to home, the short flight to the canals and tulips of Amsterdam could be just the short getaway you need.

If you want to get away by yourself, check out our solo travel recommendations - and if you just want to be wowed by some stunning surroundings, maybe our definitive list of Instagram-worthy places to visit will be to your liking.

Whatever you decide to do, booking some time off and maximising your holiday leave around the bank holidays lends itself to some pretty exciting adventure options. Be sure to visit and book everything, from flights and hotels to trains, car hire and tickets too.

Check out the list of Bank Holidays in the first half of the year for the UK below:

Date Day of the week Bank holiday
7 April Friday Good Friday
10 April Monday Easter Monday
1 May Monday Early May Bank Holiday
8 May Monday Bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III
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