The ever-enjoyable 108 dishes, come here to savor authentic Beijing cuisine!

108 Dao, a renowned chain restaurant in our beloved city of Beijing, is celebrated for its signature Beijing-Lu cuisine, along with a selection of innovative fusion dishes. It is an ideal venue for hosting guests or gathering with friends. 💟Ambience 108 Dao is not only thoughtful in its name but also in its environment. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, offering both open seating and private rooms with excellent privacy. The warm and elegant atmosphere is so inviting that it's hard to resist coming back for more! 💁Service The service is meticulous and considerate, with staff members demonstrating keen observation skills. From the moment we step into the restaurant, we are greeted with enthusiasm, which instantly uplifts our dining mood! 👉Recommended Dishes 🌈Rose-scented Roast Duck Every time I visit this restaurant, the Rose-scented Roast Duck is a must-order for me. Roast duck is a signature dish of Beijing, and this version adds a twist to the traditional recipe by incorporating the aroma of roses. The result is a more fragrant flavor, with crispy skin and tender meat that is not greasy at all! 🌈Old Beijing Grilled Lamb The grilled lamb is made from high-quality leg meat, which is quite tender. Paired with scallions and cilantro, the dish is exceptionally delicious, making it easy to polish off an entire bowl of rice without realizing it! 🌈Fish Head with Pancakes The Fish Head with Pancakes is a generous portion, using the tender and non-fishy head of the Niloticus fish from Naren Lake. The pancakes are freshly made and are best enjoyed after soaking up the soup, offering a burst of flavor with each bite! 🌈French Foie Gras with Scallion Pancakes It's surprising to see French Foie Gras paired with our down-to-earth Scallion Pancakes, but the combination works wonderfully, resulting in an even richer flavor! 🏠: 108 Dao • Beijing Banquet (Jiandemen Branch) 🔥: Building 17, No. 2 Qi Family Hutong, Unit 104 💕: 250 meters walk from Exit D of Jiandemen Station on Line 10.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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