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Things To Do in Germany

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611 Reviews
_GG***82Nice stroll after a great meal near Mall of Berlin! There's plenty of great structure and places of interest along the way. Take time by walking down from the mall. (:
719 Reviews
E23***71A central plaza in the historic center of Munich that is quite lively during the day. At every hour there is a musical show that you can enjoy for around 5 mins or so. It's a nice place to take pictures and focal point of the place is the city hall.
839 Reviews
Churches and Cathedrals
Muhammad Kallabgreat church and its so Huge! the architecture is spectacular and once you enter this place, u feel that you went to a different planet
546 Reviews
Historical Architecture
E33***37Great views across the city with interesting tour guide included free of charge!
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_GG***68An amazing piece of architectural structure! One of the highlight of my trip and I purposely planned to visit this castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Simply gorgeous to look at! Pity some of the rooms never got to be furnished.
257 Reviews
D33***27The memorial is a thoughtful offering to all people, which needs to be experienced. tread slowly through the cement blocks and pay attention to what feelings arise. From the way the ground goes up and down in waves to depict unsteadiness, to the stripping off individual identities that the blocks represent, they all tell different facets of the story. take your time here. We owe it to our present and future selves.

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Andy's Diner & BarBerlin,Germany

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Technical University of MunichMunich,Germany

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University of MannheimMannheim,Germany

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ComedySportz BerlinBerlin,Germany

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Friedrich Schiller University JenaJena,Germany

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Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is the continent’s largest and most important economy. A major trading nation, it is central to the politics of the European Union. Germany’s long and complicated history have left indelible marks throughout the land. Travelers can tour ancient Roman ruins in Cologne, or visit great Romanesque Revival palaces in Bavaria. See the monuments to war in Berlin, or just relax along the Baltic Coast. This article will introduce the wondrous diversity on offer in Germany and suggest things to see in some of the country’s major cities. Come along we visit this beautiful destination.
avtarLove.Trip   11 Jun, 2019

Germany Travel Tips

About Germany

Germany sits at the heart of Europe. Its long and (at times) tumultuous history is matched by the grandeur of its landscapes. Pristine mountain lakes, long river valleys, seaside fishing villages…Germany is a diverse and wonderful country. Visit the homes of Hegel, Goethe, and Beethoven. Wander Alpine pastures in Bavaria, or explore the famed Christmas market in Nuremberg. Trace the path of the Berlin wall as it winds past trendy cafes straddling the old Iron Curtain. See the magnificent cathedral in Cologne or visit the spa town of Baden Baden. European history and culture come alive here. Come see why Germany is a magical and enchanting place.

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