Say goodbye to winter and head to Cairns for an early summer

China Southern Airlines has opened a direct flight from Guangzhou to Brisbane✈️ So say goodbye to winter and come to Australia for an early summer☀️ It takes 2h to reach Cairns from Brisbane And 'you can tour Cairns in ten minutes by car' Listening to the introduction and curiously looking at this city Locals and tourists spontaneously gather on the beach and trails Cycling, skateboarding, swimming, tennis...... Although the city is small, public resources are enough to enrich everyone's daily life For example, the Lagoon swimming pool under the Ferris wheel It is said that almost every city in Queensland Has this saltwater lake public swimming pool From time to time, you can also see spontaneously organized water (square) dances 📍Crystalbrook Collection - Flynn 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ In Cairns, there are three under the Crystalbrook Collection, Crystalbrook Bailey, Flynn, Riley. Interestingly, hotel staff like to use the term brothers and sisters to describe these three hotels with the same bloodline but different styles. The older Riley is more luxurious, while the younger Flynn is more youthful and trendy. For example, its swimming pool design, the front facing the street and the bottom of the hotel's 1st floor are full of fun. Regardless of personality, the hotels under the Crystalbrook Collection also perform well in terms of sustainability. For example, purchasing and supporting products around the hotel, using upgraded and recycled materials in construction, reducing plastic, keyless access (recycled wood➕built-in RFID chip), paperless check-in➕check-out... The interior uses a tablet as a control panel👌 This stay at Flynn faces the Ferris wheel and the port, and you can watch the sunset on the balcony in the evening, which is beautiful^_^ Interesting tips: ✔️Cairns is very small, walking distance can handle ✔️Flynn is next to the night market, there are milk tea, Vietnamese noodles, fried skewers, spicy hot pot... recommend Pho Street ✔️There is also Thai massage in the night market, 25 Australian dollars for half an hour, which is relatively cost-effective in Australia ✔️Hotel and outdoor tap water can be freely drunk In Cairns No need to look for relaxation Because it already exists
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Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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