Dongshan Island in Zhangzhou】The romantic chase of sunrise and sunset awaits you, ladies and gentlemen, come and play

In the springtime on Dongshan Island, there is a unique beauty, especially during the sunrise and sunset, unveiling a chapter of travel that you can't afford to miss. Although Dongshan Island in Zhangzhou is small, its charm is infinite, especially these spots that I have carefully selected, each one deserves to be experienced wholeheartedly. 🛣️Route suggestion: From the dawn at Jinluan Bay to the lighthouse at Shuangmianhai, then to the Chenghuang Temple at Nanwangtiantai, and finally chasing the afterglow of the sunset at the Xiakeng Seafood Pier. 🌅Sunrise at Jinluan Bay: This place is like Fujian's mini Chaka Salt Lake, known as the most beautiful sunrise viewing spot. In the early morning, as the tide recedes, the beach forms a mirror reflecting the dazzling sunlight, like nature's mirror, a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Remember to check the sunrise time in advance and arrive early to avoid missing this magnificent spectacle. ⚠️Tips: The early spring mornings are cold, so it is recommended to stay in a homestay near Jinluan Bay for convenience in watching the sunrise. The homestay we stayed at was very cozy and reasonably priced. After leaving, a short walk or bike ride will take you there. 🏖️Shuangmianhai Lighthouse: The beach here forms a path to the small island when the tide is out, not only a filming location for the movie 'The Left Ear' but also a place where tourists leave beautiful memories. 🌄Nanwangtiantai and Chenghuang Temple: These two spots are adjacent to each other. Standing on the Tiantai, you can drink a cool beverage and enjoy the panoramic beauty of Dongshan Island. Descending to the Chenghuang Temple, you can experience more local color. 🌅Sunset at Xiakeng Seafood Pier: Recommended by the local tavern owner, the sunset view here is stunningly beautiful and complements the seafood. Although it is far from other attractions, driving or taking a ride there is the perfect way to end the day. In the spring of Dongshan Island, there is less hustle and bustle of crowds, more tranquility and beauty, and a small electric scooter can take you around the entire island, leaving behind unforgettable memories and beautiful picture
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
Veron Loo
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