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When you go to Guangzhou to play, you will definitely have a night tour of the Pearl River. Dozens of luxury cruise ships will sail from Dashatou Pier and Tianzi Wharf respectively, and return along Haiyin Bridge, Guangzhou Bridge, Haixinsha, Guangzhou Tower and Liede Bridge. The journey takes about 70 minutes. Exploring the scenery of the two sides of the building on the Pearl River, "small waist" is the main target of everyone's shooting. From the beginning of the boat, everyone is looking forward to taking a picture of this representative landmark in Guangzhou. Dashatou Wharf Cruise Address: Yuexiu District No. 466 Yanjiang East Road (near Haiyin Bridge) Tianzi Wharf Address: Yuexiu District Yanjiang Road (near Beijing South Road)
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
Bonbon Tse
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Pearl River Night Cruise

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