Xixi Wetland Lanterns, lonely and romantic, a stunning beauty unique to Hangzhou

🏮🏮 Xixi Lanterns, I really won't allow you to miss this fading light of lanterns 🏮🏮 Romantic as ever, it's Hangzhou that understands, a withered tree adorned with lanterns 🏮 a revival in the dead of winter, lively wrapping up the last bit of the year 💗 📍 Address: North Gate of Xixi Wetland, Exit E2 of the Subway 💡 Lighting Time: 17:00-23:30 📷 Best Time for Photos: Go between 5-6 to get the beautiful blue hour scenery 🎫 Admission: No tickets required 💓 Lanterns you can't miss: 1. Lantern Tree: The lantern tree at the entrance of the North Gate is a must-see, with various colored lanterns hanging on the withered tree, exuding a poignant and passionate vibe 2. Hundred-meter Dragon Lantern: Entering from the North Gate, walk along the Fudi embankment, near the Jiangcun Slow Life District, a 40-plus meter dragon lantern winds and coils in mid-air above the street 3. Hezhu Street Both sides of Hezhu Street are also adorned with all kinds of lanterns, combined with the various small shops along the street, revealing a strong festive atmosphere ✨✨ Glittering Xixi, in this land of romance, encounter a journey of light and shadow - so magnificent, not to be missed ✨✨
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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