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I thought Taiziwan was beautiful enough! Until I met the King of Cherry Blossoms

Hangzhou's springtime world of flowers is really beautiful. 👀 And among all the cherry blossom photography spots, only this 'King of Cherry Blossoms' stands out! Even on a cloudy day, it doesn't affect the photo quality📷 A casual snap can get you a dense cherry blossom shot Perhaps this is the charm of the Cherry Blossom King🤩 When the spring breeze blows, petals fall all around If you're lucky, I suggest you come and experience the cherry blossom rain~ . 📍Hangzhou Xinyifang Pedestrian Street ⭐It's right by the river, facing the bridge, with a variety of shooting angles 🕰️The peak blooming period is expected to be in the middle to late March 📸Photo taken on 2023.3.25 ❤️Nearby check-in spots: Xiangji Temple, Dadou Road Historic District, Xiaohe Straight Street
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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