um Blossom Viewing at the Botanical Garden | I captured the pinnacle of Hangzhou's plum blossoms

There are many places to view plum blossoms in Hangzhou, and as the saying goes, it's better to admire the plum blossoms on a rainy day than on a sunny day. It was drizzling when I left home, but it turned into a downpour when I arrived. However, fewer people admire the plum blossoms on rainy days, which creates a more elegant scene, and indeed, the photos taken feel better. The plum blossoms are currently in full bloom, but I don't think they will last much longer, so if you want to go, hurry up. The main areas for plum blossom viewing in the botanical garden are: 📍Shanshui Garden: The weeping plum blossoms on the cover are here, and the area is already fenced off. If you want to take photos, I suggest using a telephoto lens. 📍Yuquan Fish Leap: The framed plum blossoms in the picture were taken here. There is also a very large plum blossom tree on the way from Shanshui Garden to Yuquan Fish Leap, and the plum blossom branches on the cover were taken here. 📍Pinmei Garden: Closer to the Qingzhiwu gate, the whole path is lined with plum blossoms, and there are various framed views. Most of the photos were taken here, and the gate on the cover is also the main gate of this area. Route suggestion: Enter from the Qingzhiwu gate, check in at Pinmei Garden, then head towards the Han Meilin Art Museum, check in at the Buddha head, and since it's the off-season and there are fewer people, finally pass through Yuquan Fish Leap, check in at Shanshui Garden, and exit through the north gate. 📍Hangzhou Botanical Gard
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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