o's Villa in Hangzhou

Visiting the Broken Bridge at West Lake is not as good as going to the nearby Guo's Villa. Guo's Villa is one of the gardens in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, located by the Wolong Bridge on Xishan Road, adjacent to the 'Quyuan Fenghe' Park, which is one of the ten scenic spots of West Lake. Originally named 'Duan You Villa', it was built in the thirty-third year of the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty (1907). The first owner was the Hangzhou merchant Song Duanfu, hence the estate was commonly known as Song's Villa. During the Republic of China period, it was sold to a person from Fenyang, surnamed Guo, and thus renamed 'Fenyang Villa', commonly known as Guo's Villa. After renovation in 1989, the original Fenyang Villa's carved text was still maintained at the main entrance. The Broken Bridge area of West Lake is crowded with people, but if you walk further to Yanggong Causeway, the crowd thins out. After a few minutes' walk, you arrive at Guo's Villa, with Hangzhou Flower Nursery across from it. Facing West Lake, the residence is very elegant and serene. The estate can be divided into three parts: the inner pond, the outer pond, and the residential area to the east and south of the inner pond, with entrances to the west and north. Facing the lake to the east, there are pavilions by the lake, winding paths leading to secluded spots, rockeries and piled stones, all full of elegant charm. In the center, there is a moon gate, and outside the gate is West Lake. The moon gate frames the seasonal scenery of West Lake, and visitors frame themselves in it as well. Through each uniquely styled window, there is a different view. The two rockeries by the lake, through the hollowed-out holes in the rockeries, present different lake views. Occasionally, when a boat passes by, quickly capture the moment with a camera, and it becomes a beautiful painting. There is a pond in the garden, which draws water from West Lake, adding to the charm of the estate. Next to it is a rockery, on top of which is the 'Pleasing to the Eye' Pavilion. From its high position, the surrounding lake and mountains are all within sight, offering a refreshing and pleasant experience. On a Mid-Autumn moonlit night, if one could recite poetry, drink, and admire the moon in the pavilion, that would truly be a heavenly pleasure. Transportation: Take Metro Line 3 to Huanglong Cave, and right out of the subway, there is bus 318 to Guo's Villa. Get off the bus and you are at the entrance of Guo's Villa. You can also visit Hangzhou Flower Nursery and Quyuan Fenghe along the way. Ticket price: 10 yuan Guo's Vil
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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Guo's Villa

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