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Cherry Sprinkled Garden in Hangzhou ✨❤️

#cherryblossom2024 🌸 Hangzhou can be directly deified!! The cherry blossom rain in Hangzhou, which has reached the next level, has entered its blooming period. Speaking of a small cherry blossom courtyard style aesthetic with fewer people, the romance of encountering cherry blossoms full of trees is no less than that of the teacher's garden. The water tank carved with bluestone railings in the garden is sprinkled with pure white cherry petals, which can be used for a long time. The courtyard is not always peaceful, and the whole courtyard belongs to you alone. When the sun sets and the golden light passes through the bridge, I think this is the unique romantic Chinese courtyard in Chinese aesthetics. Dream Creek Garden - No. 118 Liang'an Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. After taking the subway to "Liangzhu Station" and exiting, take a taxi for 15 minutes. Wei The ticket for the cherry blossom season is 80r, and it is necessary to agree on a shooting time in advance. It is best to shoot after 4pm with just the right lighting
Posted: Apr 13, 2024
M Muzammul
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