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|1⃣️ The hotel is located on a section of Zhejiang Road that turns onto Huyu Road, near the Qiantang River. It's not far from Yu Huang Mountain, Bagua Fields, and the Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum. It's about five kilometers from Jiuxi. 2⃣️ The hotel is newly opened, with all new facilities and a strong design sense, embodying the unique neighborhood atmosphere of Indigo. 3⃣️ The splendid corridor right at the entrance is very photogenic and will probably become a popular spot for social media check-ins. The lobby bar and restaurant make extensive use of floor-to-ceiling glass, offering a view filled with greenery and good lighting. 4⃣️ I was upgraded to an open-plan suite, 55 square meters. The hotel mentioned that suites are rare and upgrades are not easy to come by. The mini-fridge was free for the first time, stocked with tasty and special drinks and beer, and also very photogenic. The room's facilities and soft furnishings are nice, with a sense of design, very thoughtful, and of good quality. 5⃣️ I tried the afternoon tea, five-course dinner, red wine, and snacks at the restaurant on the first floor, and I feel the offerings are quite impressive, both in appearance and taste, and the prices are also reasonable. 6⃣️ The so-called first Indigo Ambassador in China showed me around the hotel, which was quite ceremonial.
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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Indigo Hangzhou Uptown, an IHG Hotel

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Near Shuichengqiao Metro Station|West Lake, Lingyin Temple Scenic Area, Hangzhou
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