Zhuque Street Food Street, a new paradise for food and fun you can't miss!

📍Address: Zhuque Street, Liaocheng City 🚩Average cost: 30 (spend according to your budget) 🎈Here, 100 shops are gathered, featuring a dazzling array of small stores with no duplicates! There's also government support! 👏 🍔Food recommendations: egg waffles, river snails, crab roe pot-sticker chicken, Mini burgers, roasted meat on red willow branches, Kanto-style shaved ice, childhood snacks, pan-fried buns, and more. There's a wide variety, and the price is proportional to the portion, ensuring a satisfying feast! 😋 🎁Fun recommendations: mystery express boxes, merit cups, teapots, wearable armor, butterfly wings, balloons, fresh flower jelly, plaster painting, etc., for endless fun! 🥰 The night market is bustling with laughter and joy 😄. In short, everyone should definitely come and visit, stroll around, eat as you go, and experience the night market life in Liaocheng! 🎉
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Posted: Mar 4, 2024
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