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Today, I checked into an incredibly beautiful inn that took my breath away as soon as I entered

The series of 'Bu Hua' is absolutely stunning! I've been to their livehouse before and had a great experience, so this time I decided to stay at the Bu Hua Inn inside the ancient building. The value for money is really high; I didn't expect to spend only about a hundred yuan per person to stay a night inside an ancient building! As soon as I entered, I couldn't help but exclaim at the full-on traditional Chinese style. The doors, windows, and locks in the inn are all very distinctive, making it feel like staying in a real inn~ Especially inside the ancient building, taking photos is absolutely amazing! Room Types The experience is fantastic, the cleanliness is really well done, something many hotels can't compare with! And they prepare everything so thoroughly, even a sewing kit, which came in handy when a button fell off my clothes! The experience is truly great, and the bedding is so comfortable it's beyond words. Taking photos It's incredibly photogenic! Sisters who love taking photos must come and check in at this inn! It's truly amazing, and the photos taken at the entrance at night are stunning, as you can imagine from the first picture I posted! The corridor lighting at night is very photogenic, and the reading room has even better lighting during the day~ I really recommend this inn, it offers the best experience for the price in Liaocheng. If you have friends visiting from out of town, they must stay here
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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