Stay in the quiet courtyard among the flowers in the ancient city

Lijiang Homestay|Stay in the quiet courtyard among the flowers in the ancient city. The slow life in Lijiang is to find a homestay in the ancient city, and then stay leisurely for a few days, sleep until naturally wake up every day and then walk to the ancient city to eat a special meal. In the alleys outside the ancient city, we found a treasure homestay, a brick and tile courtyard where local characteristics and Naxi culture are combined. At night, sit on the terrace on the third floor, drink a cup of tea, look up at the moon and stars, and spend a few comfortable days. Lijiang Star House Luxury Resort Inn No. 130 Wenming Lane, Wuyi Street, Ancient City District, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province 💰300-500 yuan 🚗About 1 hour drive from Dali Railway Station, 5 minutes drive from Xizhou Ancient Town. Star House. Style Entering the Star House lobby has a strong Chinese classical style. The boss is a handsome lawyer. Every time he comes back from the outside, he will make tea for us and then chat about some interesting things. I especially like the garden in the atrium on the first floor. Sitting on the recliner and making a cup of tea to enjoy the flowers and watch the fish. The third floor also has a rooftop terrace and a glass house. The small path in the flower room is full of cobblestones, and the two sides are the flowers and succulents planted by the boss himself. During the day, you can overlook the beauty of Lijiang Ancient City, and at night, you can enjoy the stars here Star House·Room ·This time we stayed in the Memory Honeymoon Suite, and the ancient city scenery is just outside the window. The room is all wooden decorations and furniture, which is very compatible with the style of Lijiang Ancient City, and it is also equipped with smart toilets and high-end bathrooms. The romantic round bed is highly recommended for couples to stay! Star House. Service ·The homestay adopts a housekeeping service. If you have any questions, you can contact the housekeeper sisters and brothers. Because the roads in the ancient city are all stone roads, it is difficult to drag luggage, and the housekeepers will also come out to help very enthusiastically. ·The homestay also provides pick-up and drop-off services, and you can contact the housekeepers in advance. Star House·Transportation 👉Walk to👉Lijiang Ancient City about 5 minutes 👉Walk to the famous👉Sifang Street in the ancient city about 10 minutes 👉Taxi to Lijiang Station about 20 minutes, 30 yuan 👉Charter/Car pool to 👉Yulong Snow Mountain about 50 minutes
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Posted: Jan 4, 2024
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