The most comprehensive travel guide to Lijiang, experience the tranquility of the small town

🌅【Lijiang Ancient City Scenic Tour】🏮 💯 Transportation Guide: 🚅 Departure → Lijiang: You can choose to take a plane, high-speed rail or long-distance bus to Lijiang; 🚕 Lijiang Airport/Railway Station → Lijiang Ancient City: You can choose to take a taxi or take a bus. 🌟 Must-visit 8 places 🌟: 1️⃣ Lion Hill Park: Climb up and overlook the ancient city of Lijiang; 2️⃣ Big Waterwheel: Appreciate the traditional agricultural production method; 3️⃣ Baisha Culture Square: Watch local traditional performances; 4️⃣ Lashi Lake: The water is clear and the scenery is beautiful, it is the best choice for taking beautiful photos; 5️⃣ Black Dragon Pool Park: Mysterious and quiet, it is the source of creation for literary and artistic artists; 6️⃣ Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: Enjoy the snow scene of the high mountains and get close to nature; 7️⃣ Mu's Residence: Understand the history and culture of Lijiang; 8️⃣ Sifang Street: Taste local snacks and feel the humanistic atmosphere of Lijiang. 🍽️ Lijiang Snacks: - Lijiang sauerkraut fish, Lijiang hot and sour potato shreds, crossing the bridge rice noodles, sour soup fish, Lijiang Baba, Lijiang sour and crispy vegetables, Lijiang yogurt, Lijiang roast chicken, etc. 🌈 Lijiang Food Recommendation 🌈: 1️⃣ Thirteen An Hot and Sour Fish: Authentic taste, affordable price; 2️⃣ Civilization Snack Shop: Taste local snacks, old brand shops. 🏡 Accommodation Options: You can choose to stay in a homestay or hotel in the ancient city, and feel the romantic atmosphere and unique culture of the ancient city of Lijiang. ✨ Guide Summary: Lijiang is a romantic and historical and cultural ancient city, where you can appreciate the unique natural scenery and traditional folk culture. After visiting the must-visit attractions, you might as well taste the local special snacks and feel the humanistic atmosphere of Lijiang. During the journey, enjoy delicious food, appreciate the scenery, and immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere, making the trip full of memories. May you have a pleasant and unforgettable journey in Lijiang!
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 7, 2024
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