Lijiang in winter| It's a pity that 90% of people didn't go to the right place

Lijiang in winter| It's a pity that 90% of people didn't go to the right place... "Ancient residences, small lanes along the canal" are very suitable for Lijiang, a place where the four seasons are like spring. {Photo Check-in} Wenhai Village A hidden gem, with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain when you look up, and cattle and sheep on the grassy slopes when you look down. This place is primitive and simple. This is also the only village where you can see the sunset over the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with a great view! Baisha Ancient Town The closest village to the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, composed of two main streets. Looking up, you can see the majestic snow mountain and wooden ancient buildings. Walking on the stone road under your feet Shuhe Ancient Town Shuhe is more tranquil, a good place to experience Naxi culture Jade Dragon Snow Mountain The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a mountain range composed of 13 perennial snow mountains, with the highest peak Fan Zidou at 5596 meters, and tourists can reach the highest point of 4680 meters. Blue Moon Valley
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Posted: Jan 15, 2024
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