Lijiang|I absolutely love wandering around this night market full of national charm

|I absolutely love wandering around this night market full of national charm.✨It has unique features: I've been to many night markets, and the food is mostly the same, not very special, but this night market has a lot of local specialty snacks! Recommended⬇️ 1️⃣ Teppan Shrimp Paste: Truly amazing! Each shrimp paste is plump and chewy 2️⃣ Grilled Milk: Yunnan's grilled milk is really different 😭 It will definitely make you reminisce! 3️⃣ Local Craft Beer: Rich taste, strong malt flavor, it's a perfect match with barbecue! 4️⃣ Beef Skewers: The meat is tender, and with the special seasoning, every bite is full of happiness. ✨Great atmosphere: The night market is set up like a camp, with plenty of seating, a great environment, and an atmosphere that's off the charts! It's very photogenic~ ✨Great location: Right at the entrance of Lijiang Ancient Town, next to the big waterwheel, just take a taxi directly to Lion Mountain Night Market. Very convenient The stalls usually start setting up around five in the afternoon There's a rich variety of food, it's perfect for checking in If you like wandering around night markets, don't miss out~
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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