At the holiday garden at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, observe a Naxi wedding ceremony.

Every year, during the months of July and August, the city of Lijiang in Yunnan province experiences its rainy season, which coincidentally is also the peak of its tourism season. The gentle drizzle does little to dampen the enthusiasm of the tourists, who throng the city in large numbers every day. Revisiting Lijiang, I am still filled with curiosity and anticipation. This time, I had the pleasure of staying at the Wyndham Grand Lijiang and Jinlin Howard Johnson All-Suite Hotel. My visit coincided with the hotel's second anniversary celebration of dual-brand operation, which took place on the day of the Qixi Festival. Celebrating two years of dual-brand operation, the hotel continues to explore the integration of Naxi traditional intangible cultural heritage with travel experiences, interpreting the profound meaning of "hotel + culture", and providing guests with a unique stay experience. The second anniversary celebration featured a grand and romantic Naxi Dongba intangible cultural heritage wedding show. From the bridal procession in the garden to the Naxi wedding ceremony, everything was refreshingly new and left a deep impression on me. The bridal procession, dressed in traditional Naxi costumes, paraded through the garden with drums and gongs, spreading joy and happiness. They released life into the pond, attracting many guests to stop and watch, experiencing the Naxi wedding culture and sharing the sweet love of the newlyweds. After the garden procession, the Naxi Dongba intangible cultural heritage wedding ceremony was held on the outdoor viewing platform on the second floor of the hotel. The wedding venue, carefully arranged according to local traditions, was filled with a festive and romantic atmosphere. Lijiang, Yunnan, has beautiful and charming natural scenery, rich and profound cultural customs, and colorful intangible cultural heritage. The Naxi Dongba wedding is one of its unique features. The Naxi Dongba wedding was full of formality. First, the bride and groom stood on either side, singing their wedding tunes to express their deep love. Then, the mother combed her daughter's hair and sang the wedding song, her joy and reluctance intertwined in the song. Afterwards, the couple crossed over a fire basin, the mother-in-law came forward to welcome the new daughter-in-law, and tied the couple together with a red thread, symbolizing their eternal unity and harmony. Finally, under the witness of the Dongba priest, after a series of traditional ceremonies, the Dongba priest issued a Dongba wedding certificate to the happy couple, declaring them as one. The wedding show ended with a joyful and festive Naxi intangible cultural heritage song and dance performance. This splendid Naxi Dongba wedding allowed guests to experience the charm of Naxi culture up close, and it also testified to the hotel's steadfast commitment to the preservation and inheritance of cultural heritage. At the "Two Years of Precipitation, Engraving Extraordinary" dual-brand hotel operation second anniversary celebration banquet, there were flowers and music, accompanied by fine wine and food. The guests raised their glasses to wish the hotel a happy birthday and a prosperous business. The romantic and beautiful Wyndham banquet hall was full of guests. There were cocktail shows, violin performances, and fun raffle sessions during the banquet. The rich food, wonderful programs, and surprise gifts made everyone spend a wonderful evening. It's worth mentioning that the banquet dishes also surprised me. The hotel's experienced catering team presented exquisite and elegant Western food one by one. Each dish was a classic, with the color, aroma, and taste all meeting Michelin standards. Appetizer: Fresh sea urchin sashimi, yellow and fragrant, melts in the mouth, served with two kinds of sauces, making it even more delicious. Soup: South American Liaoshen stewed with chicken and matsutake, the soup is clear and yellow, delicious, and the ingredients show quality. Main course: Pan-fried Australian scallops with green pea puree, caviar sauce, and lemon foam, perfectly matched, rich in taste, which I particularly liked. Sichuan-style Kung Fu baby abalone, a wonderful fusion of high-end seafood and southwestern flavors, flavorful and chewy, stimulating the taste buds. Australian grain-fed snowflake steak with asparagus and morels, the steak is just right, served with asparagus and morels, a combination of meat and vegetables, the meat is fresh and juicy, and the taste is excellent. Main food: Black truffle handmade Italian dumplings, local high-quality black truffle mixed with Italian dumplings, making the fragrance linger in the mouth for a long time. Dessert: Raspberry rose frozen cheese with summer berry juice, sweet and appetizing, refreshing the heart and spleen.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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