The must-choose for Lugu Lake - Qianhu Yueyao

🌟Highlights: 1. The scenery is pleasant, just look at the scenery outside the window, is there any reason not to choose?! It's too beautiful!! The window faces Lugu Lake, Gemu Goddess Mountain! 2. As soon as the hotel is confirmed, the butler Du Zhi contacted us, and even came to pick up the luggage and people, a very polite young man, very considerate! 🛏Room facilities: We booked a duplex on the third floor, the bathtub, disposable bathtub cover, washing machine, disinfection cabinet, washroom, toilet, and bathroom are all separate, very convenient! ✅Must experience: 1. Rich and delicious, unlimited refill afternoon tea; 2. Free clothes change for photo shooting, and there are photo facilities such as the mirror of the sky, it can't be more beautiful! ❤Recommended reasons: The hotel's butler and staff are very considerate, order good dishes, after they are made, we can go downstairs, they also help us with the children, the butler can drive and pick up within five kilometers, all kinds of details, it is simply the ceiling of the hotel!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 The hotel is not far from Lvjiawan Wharf and Pulo Wharf! If you want to see the morning mist, this is the first choice, but, the butler said it is hard to encounter the morning mist! Really recommend it to friends who come to Lugu Lake for tourism! Ctrip also has a three-day and two-night package, which is also very cost-effective~ The main thing is that it is particularly comfortable and warm-hearted! Both my parents are very happy!
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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