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Abuji CuO is located in Xiaozhongdian Town, Shangri-La City, and is a niche spot very suitable for hiking that has not yet been developed (currently under development). The route will pass through forests, pastures, and Ajia Gang, and the scenery along the way is stunningly beautiful. Abuji CuO is a small lake hidden at an altitude of 4200 meters, surrounded by snow-capped mountains on three sides, and is filled with a variety of alpine rhododendrons and many high mountain plants. It is known as 'the purest place', deeply nestled among the lotus petal-shaped mountains, and the beauty here is like Alice in Wonderland. Here's a guide for everyone. Leave the old town at 8:00 in the morning. Arrive at the starting point of the hike around 9:30. The first stage is a warm-up phase to the supply point at the foot of the mountain The second stage is the 'Despair Slope', a continuous uphill climb to a rest area under a big tree (the hardest part of climbing Abuji CuO is now over) The third stage is a gentle road, which is a slight uphill climb. Along the way, you will see Ajia Gang, and those with megalophobia need to be careful. It ends at a platform (which is the best photo check-in spot) The fourth stage involves wading. Starting from the platform, you will pass through a small forest to reach the wading path, (the wading section is also called 'Little Despair Slope'). After crossing the Red Water section, you will reach a small lake, and then climb about 500 meters through the rocks to reach the lakeside (which is the end of the Abuji CuO hike). Take photos and check in, then return the same way.
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Posted: Apr 7, 2024
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Abuji Cuo

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