Staying in an Arabian tycoon's ancient mansion, sleeping on a mattress worth 100,000 is truly blissful

Sharjah may not be the largest emirate in the UAE, but it retains the most complete Arabian historical culture. This protection and inheritance permeate every aspect, subtly influencing everything around. This time, staying at The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, a resort hotel transformed from the ancient mansion of one of Sharjah's four wealthiest families. Outside the door is a bustling market, and through an inconspicuous alley, you find another tranquil world. 🏨Al Bait means 'home'. This radiant 'home' located in the heart of Sharjah is a precious historical conservation artifact in itself, constructed mainly of wood and rammed earth, exuding a sense of history with ever-changing light and shadows at different times, and a dreamy light at night, making one feel as if they are in another era. 🕌️The circular wind tower outside the reception area is said to be the oldest in the UAE and has become a symbol of the hotel. The guest area is in another secluded space, with high walls in the corridors leading to a serene path. The second floor also has connecting aerial corridors; though not large, they resemble a maze, and it's easy to get lost when first arriving, adding to the sense of mystery. 🛏️The hotel has a total of 53 rooms, each blending Arabian style with a holiday vibe, and each one is unique. The original layout of the old building is preserved, and restored to its former state. With wooden ceilings, woven grass murals, wooden furniture, and a hundred percent Middle Eastern exotic atmosphere. The bath amenities are from the Italian national treasure brand 'Acqua di Parma', and the mattresses are the same as those used in sailboat hotels, said to be worth 100,000, and whether it's psychological or not, they provide an incredibly good night's sleep. 🏊‍♀️Although it is a renovated old house, the facilities are very complete, with a swimming pool, SPA, and fitness center hidden in different corners, forming unique scenery. There's even a library open only to guests, telling the family's past with artifacts. 🍴The full-service restaurant, The restaurant, offers a chance to bask in the morning sun in the courtyard, and over three days, I tried Arabian, American, and Indian breakfasts, each completely different and satisfyingly delicious. The Chinese dinner and other meals here also have their own characteristics, highly recommended. Because it's right in the heart of Sharjah, you can walk to various museums, mosques, and markets, easily exploring Sharjah's historical and cultural heritage.
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Posted: Mar 25, 2024
Amzing pictureWould love to be there.
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