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Xi'an · Northerner | The Ultimate Choice for Skewer Grilling in Summer

Summer has arrived, marking the season for indulging in skewers and beer. The Northern Desert People's restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy this tradition, especially with their newly introduced crayfish dish. 🔍Detailed Information —— 📍Restaurant Name: Northern Desert People·Lamb Barbecue (High-tech Muta Village Branch) 🗺Address: Wanda Tianyue Phase I South District Retail ⏰Operating Hours: 11:30-02:30 … ⭐Recommended Dishes —— 🐏 | Salt Pool Lamb Barbecue with Only Salt: Authentic Salt Pool beach lamb meat, devoid of any mutton smell. A sprinkle of salt is all it takes to make it delicious. This is a must-try signature dish of the restaurant. ✨✨✨ 🦞 | Spicy Crayfish: The perfect companion to skewers and beer. How can one miss out on crayfish? Each one is plump and shiny, and the soup base is rich, perfect for dipping bread. ✨✨✨ 🧄 | Garlic Green Pepper Grilled Intestines: Have you ever experienced the joy of three flavors in one skewer? Garlic, green pepper, and fatty intestines, this skewer will satisfy all your cravings. … The Northern Desert People have opened many branches in the southern suburbs. This new branch in Muta Village is clean and hygienic. I will frequently visit with friends and family to show off this gem.
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Xi'an | 永阳一巷万达天樾一期南区底商(近地铁6号线省体育馆站C口)
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