Yunnan Lijiang | Stay in a niche secret place at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain with kids

I've been to Lijiang many times, but this is the first time I took my daughters there. This time, instead of choosing the crowded Lijiang Ancient Town, we stayed in Yuhu Village at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain for a few days. I really like this small village, with houses built of stones, not so commercialized. Every morning, you can see the sunrise on the mountain from the balcony of the stone house, and in the evening, you can join the bonfire party, singing and dancing with people from all over the world, which is really great! 📍Yulong Baisha Town Yuhu Village Stone House It's just a few minutes' walk from the Stone House to Longnu Lake, and you can also take the kids to experience horse riding, taking photos with little lambs, picking pine cones, and there's a stove in the lobby for making tea and warming by the fire. It's really comfortable. Kids should slow down and enjoy this kind of slow life. Bingtang Xueli really likes riding the little wooden horse in the lobby, and she has become good friends with the housekeeper here. The key is that it's really great for taking photos here! 📷Here are a few good photo spots: ✔️The fireplace area on the first floor of the lobby: It has a wild luxury atmosphere, especially when the sun shines in, it creates a great atmosphere; ✔️The second floor of the lobby: A whole wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooks Longnu Lake, with a wide view. It's very comfortable to sit here with a book when the sun is out. The best spot is to shoot from outside on the first floor, which can include the snow mountain in the background; ✔️The staircase of the round arch door: Standing on the second floor opposite the staircase, you can capture the entire snow mountain in the background.
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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Yulong Snow Mountain stone house

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Near Xuesong Village (Yuhu Village)|Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Yulong
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